Valorant State of The Agents – Upcoming Agent in 2022!

Valorant State of The Agents: Even more information about the water bending agent 21 has been released.

Some of the problems with the existing agent meta were brilliantly highlighted in the latest State of the Agents report. Riot Games noted a number of concerns, but among them was some additional information concerning the new agent 21 that appears to corroborate leaks. This is a step towards his release as there isn’t much formal information available on the new spy.

Valorant State of The Agents
Valorant State of The Agents

So, let’s take a look at the new information about Valorant agent 21 and see which leaks have been confirmed.

Who is Mage, Agent 21?

The next agent to be revealed in Valorant may go by the codename Mage.

His code name, real name, and other details have all leaked, so gamers should review them.

The majority of these, meanwhile, were leaked, thus their veracity isn’t very solid.

But now that State of the Agents has been released, we can dig into some official information from Riot about the new character.

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Leaked identity confirmed?

The name and codename of agent 21 have been revealed in a number of leaks. His real name is Varun Batra, although Mage was a leaked codename.

Still, neither of them was mentioned in the release. Instead, he was still referred to as Agent 21 by the Riot crew.

However, a remark at the conclusion that reads as follows strongly suggested the Indian heritage connected to both of his names.

This translates from Hindi and says something similar to ‘See you Soon.’

Agent 21 role confirmed?

There was a debate regarding the lack of controllers in the game in the brief line introducing the new agent.

After receiving this message, agent 21 is very likely to change into a controller type. This backs up the information that was leaked.

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Agent 21 abilities confirmed?

The Riot Games development team gave Agent 21 some additional insights regarding the capabilities of the new Valorant agent.

The heavy puns used, a common feature from Riot, highlights that water will be key to this new agent’s kit.

“We’ve let this soak long enough, and Agent 21 is almost ready to go out. I don’t want to flood you with too much information in this blurb here, so I’ll hold off on saying much more.”

Is Valorant coming to consoles?

Since its first release in 2020, the first-person shooter Valorant by Riot Games has grown to be one of the most well-liked games in the hero shooter genre. Its rise to popularity isn’t abating either. Riot Games usually finds themselves in two of the top five most-watched categories on the streaming service Twitch thanks to their massive fan base.

What Valorant might do next has many people curious given its big audience. Many people specifically want to know if the hero shooter will be available on their preferred systems. Here is what we currently know.

Will Valorant Release on Consoles?

There are currently no publicly known plans to bring the hero shooter to consoles, which is unfortunate for players hoping to advance in the ranks of Valorant on their Xbox, PlayStation, or even Nintendo Switch.

But it’s a little more nuanced than just a simple “no.” Although there have been no official confirmations, it appears that the game will eventually be released on consoles. Eventually.

The headline of a recent job listing on Riot Games’ website, “Senior Game Designer, Console – Valorant,” suggests that the developer is at the very least considering the prospect of eventually porting their well-liked hero shooter to consoles. Just possibly not right away.


The fact that we already know Riot is trying to expand where players can enjoy the game, as executive producer of the game Anna Donlon confirmed a mobile port to be in the works in June 2021, lends support to this idea of a Valorant console adaptation.

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