PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features and more

PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features and more: The information for the 0.9.45 patch notes for PUBG New State, which will be released in February, has been made public. With the update, Krafton has added a tonne of thought-provoking stuff. From 00:00 to 06:00 on February 23, the game server will also be maintained (UTC).

PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features and more:
PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features and more:

The publisher hasn’t formally confirmed the release date for the patch notes, but it’s possible that they will go live on February 23 following the planned maintenance, despite the fact that they haven’t been.

PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features and more:

The update will feature the introduction of Lagna, the game’s much-anticipated map. Several characteristics from Troi and Erangel can be found on the 4×4 Kilometer battle royale battlefield. Rex Pickup Truck and Acton Electric Quad are the two new cars that players will have access to.

Other than that, the developer also provides a brand-new ride called a Cable Car, the route of which is shown (green line) in the below-mentioned graphic. In the outer half of the map are significant hot drop locations such as Estacion, Plant, Domeno, and Delta Lab.

In this upgrade, the Mk47 Mutant gun’s C2 special tracking bullet is also included. You get a 10-second window to see where an adversary is after being struck by this bullet. Even when an adversary takes cover, team members can still observe their whereabouts. Damage-dealing capabilities of the C2 is enhanced but recoil control is diminished when customised.

PUBG New State Lagan Map Update New Features:

The Blue Zone damage has also been enhanced in the later half of the zone by the developer in an effort to boost rivalry among PUBG New State players. As a result, if you leave the safe circle, your health will deplete much more quickly.

The maximum weight that can be purchased in a single transaction from the drone shop has also been eliminated by Krafton.

In addition, users are now capable of opening the doors while reloading their guns. In training mode, all weapons have endless magazines, therefore carrying ammunition is unnecessary.
There will now be six sensitivity setting possibilities: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Custom. PUBG New State will give you more amazing goodies, such the Jenny Fast Outfit, gun skins, and more if you buy the new Survival Pass and finish a few objectives.

PUBG New State Lagan Map Update:

Krafton teases the future LAGNA Map in PUBG in NEW STATE Mobile’s new map. The New State New State Mobile is constantly updated with fresh information from Krafton. They recently teased a brand-new map for New State Mobile, which will be included in the game with the upcoming update. A brand-new feature that will soon be announced will also be included in the update for the map. To guess the name of the map, Krafton is giving away prizes. Vote to determine the name of the new map! The information is provided here.

PUBG New State Lagan Map:

Due to playmaker participation in fights with distinctive geographical features and notable level design, Krafton, the creator of PUBG New State aka New State Mobile, designed the new LAGNA map. Players can more quickly recognise opponents because to the map’s altered topographical representation. To win the chicken meal this time, participants will need to examine the map far more carefully than they did previously. The hot-drop are generally arranged in the middle of the maps. The details which are offered will be valued by developers since they will be helpful in resolving the problem. This concludes the most recent updates for New State Mobile.

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