How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get to Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get Eternity Isle: A Guide Together with the entrance of the Season of the Wish for Eternity Isle, Disney Dreamlight Valley heralds the coming of the mysterious world. Once the game loads after The Pumpkin King Returns update, if you bought the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time extension, you will see a unique cinematic with a new character named Jafar.

How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley
How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley

There is an old pedestal in Dreamlight Valley’s Plaza that is full with old magic. Your closest counsel before to the Forgetting was supposedly Jafar, the Royal Vizier. Claiming to be your closest counsel before to the Forgetting, Jafar warns that time and space are in danger despite skepticism.

A cinematic will then play, offering you a brief look at Eternity Isle, a brand-new site where they pondered the secrets of space and time. and brimming the Island with marvels and riches.

How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley
How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley

The sequence will be followed by Jafar explaining how the location was lost in time and giving you a quest to travel to Eternity Isle to release him. You must now locate the Ancient Vessel at a port of many worlds. That is concealed somewhere in the Valley before you may go to Eternity Isle.

Speak with Merlin to locate the hidden port; he will lead you to locations beyond Dreamlight Valley that are unique. Go to the Dream Castle to meet Merlin, then follow him to the gate on the third floor.

See Merlin unlock the gate to reveal the wonders of Dreamlight Valley. Talk to Merlin once more once you enter the Stardust Port. He will tell you that you may travel to the furthest corners of the globe from this port, including Eternity Isle. After this chat, go with Jafar’s quest, The Secrets of Eternity Isle.

You’ll need to speak with Merlin following your initial exchange with Jafar. Regarding entering other planets outside of the Valley, the elderly sorcerer has recalled something crucial.  When you two have a brief conversation, Merlin will ask you to meet at the Dream Castle. It should be noted that although Merlin will not appear out of nowhere when you get to the Castle, he will.

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Go up the stairs on the left to locate him. Then engage with him next to the gated-off doors and a black gate. Open the Stardust Port gate to link Dreamlight Valley to other planets, such as Eternity Isle.

There is just one dock that can take you anywhere since A Rift in Time is the first addition. You may access Eternity Isle and all of the DLC’s features by interacting with the boat.

How to Get Eternity Isle Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can communicate with Merlin to activate the Ancient Vessel, which will take you to Eternity Isle. Merlin will inform you about Splinters of Fate. Which are similar to Night Thorns but can be eliminate with a single button push. The Splinters of Fate around the Hologram station must be clear in order to reach Eternity Isle.

Jafar will explain that the sphere that was used to unlock the old gate has shattered because of a flying. Chirping metal annoyance once they have clear out. An enormous antique gate leads to the ancient gate.


Is Disney Dreamlight Valley becoming free?

Gameloft recently revealed that their life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley will not be going free-to-play, much to the astonishment of its fanbase.

Can you download Disney Dreamlight Valley for free?

Nevertheless, Disney Dreamlight Valley will no longer be free to play when it launches, as revealed by Gameloft. Inspired by games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cozy life simulation game that launched in early access in September 2022.


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