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How to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley


In this article we will know how to find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley to know please read the full article. You’ll be given an EVE souvenir containing two important clues as you progress through the Rift of Time Eternity Isle questline in DDLV: a small arch and a waterfall. Let’s discuss How to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley.    

How to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley
How to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley

How to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory in Dreamlight Valley

Behind a waterfall near the bridge you first crossed to Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory locate EVE on Eternity Island is the hidden location of EVE’s memories. The Memorial Arch is hidden behind the waterfall that flows into the river next to this bridge. Fortunately, the path is accessible from your initial landing location on Eternity Island, so you won’t need to upgrade your tools or complete any challenges and Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory.

Return to the docks, follow the path behind the water, break the copper rocks blocking the entrance, and enter the arch to reach this section. Completing this will immediately advance you to the Flying Metal Nuisance quest, which will help you get to know EVE and learn more about what’s happening on Eternity Island. As Jafar suggests at the beginning of this mission, your next objective is to find a disguise to gain EVE’s trust.

Where in Disney Dreamlight Valley can I find the EVE Memory Costume?

You can Find the Hidden Area in EVE’s Memory treasure bags, popcorn, and cotton candy in the brown chest and the coins in the green chest inside the hidden area. It’s up to you whether you take the food or not; the objective does not require it. However, you will need the Treasure Bags to complete the mission.

As they contain the robot suit parts needed to gain EVE’s trust. After obtaining each item, complete the remaining task by talking to EVE and putting on the costume pieces from the treasure bags.

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Where is Rapunzel in Dreamlight Valley?

Rapunzel has been enjoying the fresh air and grass under his feet in Wild Tangle. A lush green jungle on the Island of Eternity, since he left his tower. You’ll be able to access his special friendship missions, help Rapunzel rediscover his passion for painting, and earn rewards reminiscent of Disney’s “Tangled.”

Dreamlight Valley: is there a secret?

Disney Dreamlight Valley holds many mysteries and not all of them include starting instructions. Many objectives are linked to the degree of friendship between the different characters; However, the requirements for these missions vary.

In memory of Dreamlight Valley, where is the painting located?

Bella will tell you that she remembers that the Council was used to talk about the mysteries of the Valley. Regarding City Hall, she believes that she is “in a building, but not in anyone’s home.” Mickey’s Secret Room inside the Dream Castle is the only place that meets these requirements.

Will Dreamlight Valley be Cinderella’s home?

This practically guarantees that Disney Dreamlight Valley will welcome Cinderella’s kingdom in the latest big update. Surprisingly, this tease appears to disprove fans’ belief that Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz will appear in the game with the June 2023 update.

Who in Dreamlight Valley is the one who forgets?

The Forgotten Ones, who once ruled Dreamlight Valley. Lost touch with their sense of magic and wonder and succumbed to darkness. During “The Remembering” update, a series of story missions allowed players to redeem the Forgotten and return them.

Will Dreamlight Valley welcome Rapunzel?

The 2024 roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley officially announces that well-known personalities like Mike Wazowski, Rapunzel and Gaston will join the game. Cinderella, the Seven Dwarfs, Dr. Facilier and other Disney and Pixar characters are still missing from Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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