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How to Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account Not Working


In this article we will learn How to Fix the Xbox Discount Relink Account Not Working please read the full article. Using Discord on your Xbox and experiencing the “Relink Account” issue can be very frustrating, especially if you are a big gamer trying to easily combine your social life and gaming life.

Many users have complained that even after following the instructions and repeatedly linking their Discord accounts to Xbox, nothing changes. They find themselves in an endless loop of failed attempts. As a result, Discord and Xbox cannot connect.

Xbox Discount Relink Account Not Working
Xbox Discount Relink Account Not Working

But don’t worry. We will look at the possible reasons for the Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account error in this article and offer detailed fixes so that you can use Discord on your Xbox and stream games from the device.

How to Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account Not Working

You first need to unpair your Xbox from Discord in Xbox Settings to Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account issue in Discord on Xbox. After that, use another device to sign in to Discord, such as your phone, and disconnect the Xbox account from all your Discord connections.

After disconnecting from the Discord connection and Xbox settings, try reconnecting them. A Reddit user verified the effectiveness of this solution, saying that it should effectively resolve the issue.

It is recommended to wait for the Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account issue if it persists, as they have acknowledged the issue and are actively working to resolve it. The public has been informed via Twitter, so it is best to be patient during this process.

What causes the Xbox Discount Relink Account?

The “Relink account” error message in Discord on Xbox appears to be caused by errors or issues in the Discord and Xbox connection process. Here are some possible reasons:

Sync issues: Discord and Xbox servers may not be synced, which could be the source of the error.

Data or cache corruption: Sometimes the information saved to maintain the connection between your accounts can become contaminated.

Software issues: Discord and Xbox receive frequent updates, and these updates sometimes generate bugs that change the way the different services communicate with each other.

The response suggests that the problem is likely not with the user’s account or settings, but with how to Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account handles the account login procedure. However, the precise cause may differ.

And that concludes our discussion on the Fix Xbox Discount Relink Account issue. Make sure to check out how to fix Discord voice chat problems on Xbox while you are here.

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Why can’t I connect my Xbox to Discord?

Before your console can’t connect to Discord, it needs to be updated. A: Make sure your Xbox console is updated to the latest version before joining Discord Voice on your Xbox device.

Does Xbox still have Discord?

Xbox consoles are viable with Discord, so you can mess around on your control center and join voice channels. It’s a simple method for keeping in contact with your companions on Discord, regardless of whether you’re not a work area gamer.

How would I associate Steam with my Xbox account?

Launch a game (like Gears 5) that allows you to link Xbox accounts after opening Steam. When prompted, connect to the Xbox network. From the game menu, choose the option to link your accounts. Choose Yes to continue when the Steam account linking overlay appears.

Why can’t my Xbox Discord code be redeemed?

Q: When I try to apply my code, I get a “Code not found” error. A: The code is invalid if you receive a “Code Not Found” error! Double-check that the 25-character code was copied and pasted correctly to buy.microsoft.com!

Why is my Xbox microphone not working?

Microphone issues: To make sure your friends can hear you, first make sure your microphone isn’t muted. Second, make sure auto mute is not set to High in the headset options. Try turning off the auto mute. Restart both devices if this resolves the issue. Additionally, you should check if a firmware update for your headphones is available.

How do I connect my Microsoft account to Riot?

You can go to account.riotgames.com/xbox-game-pass to link your accounts. To complete the linking process, you may be asked to sign in to your Riot account and Xbox profile.


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