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Mistbenders Event Phase 1 & Phase 2 Release Date MLBB


Mobile Legends: Bang (MLBB) fans, plan to be dazzled by the enchanting Mistbenders Event, a vivid encounter brimming with exciting prizes and thrilling interactivity. This captivating event unfurls in two distinct phases, each offering exceptional chances to procure desired tokens and open a gold mine of in-game treats.

Mistbenders Event Phase 1 mlbb
Mistbenders Event Phase 1 mlbb

Mistbenders Event Phase 1 Release Date

The Mistbenders Event  Phase 1 begins on December 2, 2023, ushering in a domain of captivating journeys and difficulties. All through this phase, persistent players can aggregate Fog Tokens by engaging in different exercises, including:

Completing everyday and week by week errands: Leave on a progression of engaging missions to procure significant Fog Tokens.

Participating in-game events: Submerge yourself in an assortment of time-limited events, like the Fog Labyrinth and the Fog Standoff, to store up extra tokens.

Purchasing Fog Bundles: Procure special Fog Bundles from the in-game store to recharge your token stock instantly.

Mistbenders Event Phase 2 Release Date

As the Mistbenders Event changes into Phase 2, planned to begin on December 16, 2023, players will experience a horde of new chances to gather Fog Tokens. Prepare yourselves for:

Upgraded Fog Token procurement rates: Appreciate increased token compensations from different in-game exercises, allowing you to productively accumulate tokens more.

Introduction of Fog Shards: Gather Fog Shards, another sort of event cash, to trade for exclusive prizes.

Unlocking the Fog Depository: Find the Fog Depository, a gold mine of captivating prizes, open by exchanging Fog Tokens and Fog Shards.

Whats on Mistbenders Event Phase 1 and Phase 2 MLBB 

All through the Mistbenders, steady players can use their collected Fog Tokens to gain a huge range of enticing prizes, including: Exclusive Collector Skins: Enhance your legends with dazzling Collector Skins, like Beatrix’s Fog Superintendent and Guinevere’s Dog Whisperer, exuding a quality of secret and charm.

Epic Limited Skins: Improve your legends’ ability with Epic Limited Skins, like Aldous’ Fog Watchman and Nana’s Fog Attendant, granting them a quality of power and power.

First-class Skin Choice Bundle: Transform the war zone with the Tiptop Skin Choice Bundle, offering a random determination of Tiptop Skins to lift your in-game style.

Special Skin Choice Bundle: Disclose a definitive articulation of style with the Special Skin Choice Bundle, granting you a determination of desired Special Skins to dominate the war zone.

Mistbenders Event Phase 1 mlbb
Mistbenders Event Phase 1 mlbb


What made MLBB illegal in India?

Consequently, Riot Games filed a copyright infringement complaint against Moonton twice, in July 2017 and May 2022. The Indian government banned the game and 58 other Chinese apps in June 2020 over security concerns .

How many ML heroes does it contain?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a hero is a character that the player controls. These characters have four or five passive and active abilities, each with a different set of effects. There are 122 heroes on the original server as of patch 1.8. 30.

Which MLBB job is easiest to get?

Fighters have the most offensive and defensive skills of any hero position in the game, making them easier to play. Heroes in this category possess a varied combination of mobility, damage, disruption, and durability.

Where is MPL prohibited?

Gaming ban in Karnataka: MPL, Paytm First Games block access, Dream11 remains operational. Karnataka, home to some of the world’s biggest tech companies, and Bengaluru, India’s tech capital, are the latest Indian state to ban such online gaming after Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Can we play cricket without VPN in India?

Can we play cricket without VPN in India? You’ll see a notification that “Mobile Legends is not available in your region” if you simply try to launch the game without a VPN. For the game to work, you need to get a VPN. Any VPN of your choice can be downloaded from the MEmu Play Store.

Why is Mobile Legends so popular?

The growing popularity of Mobile Legends can be attributed to its user-friendly gameplay, strategic complexity, constant updates, strong community engagement, free-to-play business model, and visually stunning graphics. Its combination of simplicity and complexity makes it a game that will appeal to casual players and die-hard fans alike.


As the Mistbenders Event unfurls, submerge yourself in a captivating domain of secret, experience, and enticing prizes. Gather Fog Tokens, open exclusive skins, and embrace the enchanting force of the Mistbenders.

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