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Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB -New Starlight Skin


Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB :In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Gatotkaca the Mighty Legend is a hero. As the first and so far only hero in MLBB based on an intellectual property, he is modelled after the same-named character from Is Yuniarto’s Garudayana comics.

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Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB
#Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB

Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB

Gatotkaca was once defeated and nearly killed in battle, but he recovered to become a powerful Pandava warrior and acquire magical abilities after receiving training in Candradimuka, the heavenly cauldron. He can chase down the furious Asuras, his sworn adversaries, and soar over the skies like lightning with his Antakusuma armour and Braiamusti-Braiadenta gauntlets.

Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB
Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Update MLBB

The Knight of Pringgadani, Gatotkaca, is a representation of valour and loyalty. based on Is Yuniarto’s “Garudayana” comic series. Which was influenced by traditional shadow puppets from Indonesia.

Ever since his debut this year, Gatotkaca has persistently maintained a unique image. With his Reflect DMG and Skill 2’s taunts, Gatotkaca was initially intended to fight against the dominant Marksman heroes of the era, but his influence was restricted to this particular position.

Regretfully, not only did Gatotkaca’s Marksman Counter persona fail to fulfil its original intent, but other, more powerful Roamer heroes outperformed him in terms of strength and skills. Moonton tried to enhance Gatotkaca’s gaming experience, acknowledging the difficulties he had. A dash was added to his Skill 2, and his damage output was increased, among other quality of life changes.

Gatotkaca Starlight Skin Skills

  1. Increases Gatotkaca’s additional physical defence by 0.02 for every HP lost, up to a maximum of 200 Physical Defence if he has at least 10,000 HP.
  2. Before it is computed, the heal is static and rounds according to the Rage rule.
  3. When dealing an improved basic attack, Gatotkaca will rush quickly towards the opponent.
  4. After around three seconds of Gatotkaca exiting the battle without receiving any damage or delivering any, Rage starts to diminish, with ten Rage being reduced every half a second.
  5. In all other cases, rage will be rounded to the closest multiple of five unless it is used in multiples of five. As an illustration, 38 Rage will cause damage equivalent to 40 Rage, whereas 7 Rage will cause damage equivalent to 5 Rage.
  6. The same Rage may generate with varying augment basic attack damage inflicte, despite the fact that these calculations are very approximative.
  7. Hero Gatotkaca, who excels in teamfights, has trouble foreswing and charging. In an attempt to get better, Moonton added extras like a longer charge period for his second skill, Skill 2, and a longer knock-up for adversaries that are close to the centre of his ultimate.

MLBB Gatotkaca Update

Crowd Control hero Gatotkaca suffers with a subpar kit and power creep while other heroes do a better job of creating opportunities for his comrades. He must contend with growing strength and effectiveness due to his limited Burst DMG.

Gatotkaca’s function as a Frontlining Roamer in Mobile Legends decreased over the course of six years because of his Marksman duty. By making changes to his equipment, Moonton attempted to regain his prominence and become a more effective XP laner. But as a result, his DEF numbers dropped, which made it more challenging for him to succeed.

Reduced charge times for Skill 2 and Ultimate foreswing duration would improve Gatotkaca’s quality of life, increase his responsiveness and agility, and improve the overall gameplay experience for those using his ability.

When it comes to XP and roaming duties, Gatotkaca, a Tank/Fighter, suffers more than other heroes. He’s pusher towards Patch Notes‘ XP Lane duty by Moonton.

Nonetheless, Moonton ought to priorities this approach in order to enhance the gaming experience of Gatotkaca. Maybe by making changes or redesigns to better fit the Crowd Control/Burst XP Laner archetype. Players will have a more fulfilling experience and Gatotkaca will become more like the character he was meant to be.


Who is Gatotkaca based on?

The foundation of Gatotkaca is Bharatayuddha, a Javanese rendition of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. Wayang, a traditional Javanese shadow puppet theatre, is the source of inspiration for Is Yuniarto, the creator of the Garudayana.

What is Gatotkaca passive?

Up to 100 Rage is gain for each 300 damage  that he has taken. Gatotkaca’s next Basic Attack gains power when he reaches above 25 Rage. Using all of his Rage to heal and deliver more damage. The additional damage is proportionate to his level, magic power, and rage.

Who is Nolan in MLBB?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder, is a heroic character. He was made available as a part of MLBB’s 7th Anniversary and Project NEXT 2023.

What is starlight in ML?

A monthly task point system called Starlight Member, or just Starlight, allows gamers to advance in accumulating starlight points. Which may use to unlock goodies.


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