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PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)


PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2): Update 2.49 for patch 26.2 was made available for devices by PUBG Games. Along with significant gameplay adjustments, this also includes a changed map! Examine the most recent version of PUBG.

Xbox One and PS4 users may now download PUBG update 2.49 (26.2). The most recent update includes a number of gameplay adjustments and bug fixes, per the official PUBG 2.49 patch notes. In addition, general stability fixes are included in PUBG console version 2.49.

PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)
PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)

Gamers have having problems with the game since the most recent significant update. Some of these bugs will be fixed in today’s PUBG patch (2.49). Here is the article PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2), Know more about see in Official Panda Gaming site.

PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)

Adjustments have been made to the AUG and Dragunov, resulting in increased vertical and horizontal recoil, decreased recoil reduction when crouching, and increased recoil recovery.

Maps featuring the beginning plane’s flight path have been updated to reflect the 2023 PUBG Global Championship, facilitating strategic preparation. With a shortcut key guide available, users may now turn the route on or off from the map screen.

PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)
PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)

In addition, KFC restaurants have removed from Erangel and replaced with petrol stations, and decorations based on the 2023 PUBG Global Championship have added to maps. Erangel does not have the Fuel Pump function.

The Pillar Compound, a brand-new Team Deathmatch level that offers distinctive gunplay dynamics, is currently playable close to Deston. There are side buildings and a main building on the map, and some of the higher regions are off-limits. The map selection probabilities have changed, and ascenders are now accessible.

Player input and important performance indicators served as the basis for the game’s upgrade. It adds enhancements to the Crafter Pass: Black Market 2023, weapon attachments, radio message choices, and Bluebomb Rush mode.

The map has been updated with markers and waypoints, and the defensive team’s initial location has been modified according to a study indicating their too rapid penetration of the core region. The radio message options have been altered.

The options to charge and save your coins have been deleted, and a message option expressing gratitude and regret has been added. From now on, weapon attachments bought from the shop will be kept, and any changes made to them will be carried over to new purchases.

PUBG Update 2.49 – New Weapon

The M249’s price has been changed, and the Dragunov has taken the position of the SLR in the shop’s weapon selection. If a player wins a one-versus-many match, a new “Impressive” in-game message will appear. The death crates have a much longer duration and have more translucent death icons.

PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)
PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (26.2)

The Ranked verification process has strengthen, and accounts that show suspicious activity or unusual gameplay patterns will go through an extra verification procedure. Re-verification is necessary for accounts that have already confirmed for this update, which is only available on the Steam and Epic Games platforms. Relevant pop-up messages have updated to reflect this change.

Team Deathmatch’s Presets now include Pillar Compound in Custom Match. New objectives linked to Survival Mastery levels have add to the improved Event page. There is now a consistent approach for displaying event prizes. To improve CPU efficiency when several characters are grouped together, character animation optimization has improve.

PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes Bug Fixes

  • Issues related to Erangel, Miramar, Taego, performance, texturing, and collision have been resolved.
  • Resolved the issue where character outlines were not clearly seen on Miramar while viewing in replay or spectator modes.
  • Added a fix to the Match History page so that the notification symbol would go.
  • Added correction to the arcade lobby’s improper text case.
  • On a PC Added a fix to prevent the icons in Esports mode from going entirely white when a team loses.
  • Fixed the transparent ankle issue when female characters equipped Jijing’s Shorts.
  • Fixed the transparent feet issue when female characters equipped Maniacal Butcher’s Shoes.
  • Fixed the partially transparent Cuddle Punk Leg Warmers when equipped with Phoenix Shorts.
  • The exit button on the Clan and Social page now says “Close” instead of “Back.”
  • Fixed a bug where throwing melee weapons from a building corner at a prone position would cause them to pass through walls.
  • Resolved the problem in Training Mode where the Dragunov gave false damage readings when it struck a target.
  • The aeroplane path and Phase 1 Safe Zone were significantly separate in Normal and Custom Matches.
  • The problem that made the O12 ammunition disappear when it flew more than a certain distance was resolve.
  • The problem that prevented the O12 from dealing damage after zeroing adjustments with an installed 6x scope has resolve.
  • Fixed the wrist clipping issue when hoodies equipp with hats and Cammy’s Gloves.
  • Fixed the transparent wrist issue when the Merc Team Uniform is equipp with PNC 2023 Trailblazer Gloves.


What update is PUBG on?

Presenting Update 26.2: Explore all the most recent enhancements and features! Greetings and welcome to the eleventh 2023 Store update!

Is PUBG Mobile India free?

A branch of Tencent Games, LightSpeed & Quantum Studio created the free-to-play battle royale game PUBG Mobile.


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