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How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100 Full Guide


In this article we will know how to fix Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100 to know how to fix it please read the full article. Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100 is back. You should also check the client-server status of the game in order to resolve this issue. Since hundreds of players will continue to play regularly, Soul Knight Prequel’s servers will always be full.

How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100 Full Guide

All the game adventurers found the pixel RPG and dungeon crawler to be a fascinating experience. Now all players can use the game’s talents and cartoon characters to take on boss fights and side quests.

How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100

Players can fix Soul Knight Prequel error code 100 using various techniques. This can also be easily fixed at this time of day. A common error in Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100. The problem in this game also occurs quite frequently.

Fix your web association and attempt to determine the issue now. From that point forward, you can zero in on reinstalling the game. Another strategy is to clear your gadget’s reserve, which will likewise permit you to play the game absent a lot of specialised issues. In this kind of pretending game, botches are unavoidable.

All of these could help you resolve Soul Knight Prequel error code 100 right now. Once the bugs are fixed, everyone can play without restrictions. You will also need to check the server status and file a complaint with the Soul Knight Prequel game technical team.

About the Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100

The Soul Knight prequel is out. The pixel art action RPG is available on iOS and Android. The aim of the game is to fight and pillage. To survive against your opponents, you must defeat creatures, gather resources and craft new equipment. You must use your skills to defeat the game’s monsters in time encounters.

All the famous and recognizable characters from Soul Knight will also return here. There are many new side quests and a completely different story. The actions take place in front of the Soul Knight. There are numerous legends in the wizarding scene at the present time. You likewise need to zero in on winning battles.

Become a more powerful knight and fight your enemies with swords and spells. The goal is to protect Mystrae from evil enemies and cursed places. Many classes are available in the game for all Soul Knight Prequel lovers.

You can play as a fascinating witch, a brilliant thief, or a formidable archer with incredible skills and talents. Everybody has novel capacities and mystical capacities. Kill creatures to use them to get new tasks. Sometimes the game is also strategy based.

Many hybrid classes and associated skill sets are available. Each class in the game has a different way of playing. Collect weapons and equipment to strengthen your class builds. Additionally, you can play local and online multiplayer games with friends.

Season mode battles are back. There are a few roses, crops, plants and trees, and the town is quiet. The magical fantasy setting of this dungeon crawling RPG. The developers of Soul Knight Prequel describe the setting precisely as a fanciful imagination.

How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Error Code 100 Full Guide


In Soul Knight, how to unlock the officer?

The only way to unlock the officer is to claim his mail once you obtain the “Veteran Hunter” achievement. Each upgrade changes stats slightly.

In Soul Knight, how to fish?

The retired knight will provide the fishing rod the player needs. It can also be purchased from the dealer or counterfeited. The mini-game begins with the player interacting with a fishing spot while holding a rod. A fish will swim around the circle that appears in the centre of the screen.

Is the robot from Soul Knight a decent robot?

The robot has a power reserve of 180 (200) and an HP of 3 (4), which is below average. Its armour stat is the second highest after the Paladin’s, making up for its low health. Shares Priest and Mage’s low melee damage and 0 critical chance.

How to create an account on ChillyRoom?

Select the ChillyRoom Account button on the main screen, then select the REGISTER button located below the LOGIN window. We will send you an affirmation by email. In the event that it’s not apparent in your inbox, remember to really look at your garbage or spam envelope. To finish the enlistment cycle, click the connection in the email.

Where is Lucky Cat Soul Knight?

The item next to Friggy’s location in the living room is called Lucky Cat. The Lucky Cat store will open upon interaction. The only requirement to access it is a working Internet connection.

How do I get free Soul Knight Fish Chips?

The player can receive 10 Fish Chips in the mailbox (new accounts only). The player can earn additional Fish Chips on specific holidays, through game updates, as ChillyRoom compensation, or by paying real money to the Lucky Cat to purchase them.


Enjoy the amazing features and unlimited gaming hardware while you play it. For Soul Knight players, the fictional fantasy world has always been exciting. Additionally, the Prequel version features extraordinary gameplay material. Events are also planned which will be announced soon.

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