How to fix the Privacy Configuration Resolution Failed Soul Knight?

In this Article you will know how you can solve the Privacy configuration resolution failed Error in Soul Knight Prequel. Read the full article and know the complete solution. 

 How to fix the Privacy Configuration Resolution Failed Soul Knight?

How to Solve the Privacy Configuration Resolution Failed Soul Knight?

In Soul Knight Prequel, you must vanquish creatures to advance in the game. Choose from classes such as Thief, Archer, Witch, Knight, Pyromancer, and more. As you go through the game, you will have access to 12 Hybrid Classes and over 130 Hybrid abilities. Combine over 900 gear parts to upgrade your construction and stock your supplies. Destroy bosses with your pals via LAN or internet multiplayer.

This article will teach you how to resolve the error “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel.

What is the reason behind the Privacy Configuration resolution failed Soul Knight?

Well because the game’s server is unreliable, the privacy configuration resolution in Soul Knight Prequel failed.

According to Soul Knight Prequel on Facebook, server issues caused gamers to disconnect. Players were also unable to play the game, make payments, or redeem gift vouchers due to the glitch.

The problem was identified to be caused by a server node by the technical team. As a result, the server had reached its capacity and was frequently disconnected. The group is currently attempting to determine the issue by moving the server at most extreme speed. Since this requires various modules and a lot of information, it might require a long investment to wrap up.

 How to fix the Privacy Configuration Resolution Failed Soul Knight?

Step by Step Guide to Solve the Privacy configuration resolution failed Error in Soul Knight Prequel

The following are the suggested solutions for “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel:

Step 1 of Fix: If you can’t access the game because the privacy configuration resolution failed, wait, log out, and log back in, or try switching networks (e.g., from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice versa).

Step 2 of Fix: You may be disconnected when opening treasure chests or card packs. Assuming that a mistake cautioning happens, quit and reappear the game, or tap the retry choice, to forestall losing things. Try not to press the “Return to Fundamental Menu” button.

Step 3 of Fix: If you try to redeem codes and get no answer, try again later or log in and out of the game when the server is more reliable.

Step 4 of Fix: If you haven’t gotten your things after paying, wait 1 to 2 hours after logging out and back in. Otherwise, please contact the game’s customer support at [email protected].

Step 5 of Fix: Download a free VPN program from the program Store or Google Play Store and connect to a VPN (for example, Singapore) before launching the game (if you’re already connected to a VPN, unplug from it and try again).


1.Is it possible to get banned from Soul Knight?

Your account has clearly demonstrated indications of hacking or cheating. It will be outlawed indefinitely. Under no circumstances can an account that has been banning for cheating be unbanning. Please do not provide anyone with your account details. You will be completely liable for any and all repercussions, including the account ban.

2.Why is groundwater such a high-priced soul knight?

Fandom | Soul Knight Wiki | Groundwater

The “Souvenir Factory New” edition of the Tec-9 “Groundwater” skin in CS:GO is so uncommon that it can be sold for $300, whereas other skin versions are just around $2.00. This might explain why the pricing of this game in stores is so exorbitant.

3.What is the finest Soul Knight rarity?

What are the Soul Knight rarity levels? Parts are classified into six rarities (from least to most valuable): white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red.

4.What is the Soul Knight secret area?

Soul Knight Wiki | Fandom | Secret Signal Room

The Secret Signal Room is a unique and secret location in the game. There are two ways to access this room: Above the Paladin and Knight is a banner with a black backdrop, blue borders, and the contents being a roof resembling the ChillyRoom emblem.

5.What exactly is Soul Knight’s badass mode?

Soul Knight Wiki | Fandom | Badass Mode

Badass Mode is a game difficulty. The Badass Travel will let the user transition between difficulty levels.

 How to fix the Privacy Configuration Resolution Failed Soul Knight?


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