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How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error?


In this Article you will know how you can fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error step by step. Read the full article and know to fix a Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error.

 How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error?

How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error?

In Soul Knight Prequel, you must vanquish creatures to advance in the game. Choose from classes such as Thief, Archer, Witch, Knight, Pyromancer, and more. As you go through the game, you will have access to 12 Hybrid Classes and over 130 Hybrid abilities.

Combine over 900 gear parts to upgrade your construction and stock your supplies. Destroy bosses with your pals via LAN or internet multiplayer.

This article will teach you how to resolve the Connection Error in Soul Knight Prequel (Timeout Error). Please retry later).

Why does the Soul Knight Prequel connection error happen?

However, because the game’s server is unreliable, there is a connection issue in Soul Knight Prequel. According to Soul Knight Prequel on Facebook, server issues caused gamers to disconnect.

Players were also unable to play the game, make payments, or redeem gift vouchers due to the glitch. The problem was identified to be caused by a server node by the technical team.

As a result, the server had reached its capacity and was frequently disconnected. The group is currently attempting to determine the issue by moving the server at most extreme speed. Since this requires various modules and a lot of information, it might require a long investment to wrap up. 

 How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error?

Step by Step Guide to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error

Here are the recommended fixes for the Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error:

Step 1 Fix: If you’re unable to enter the game due to a connection error, wait, log out, and log in, or try switching networks (e.g. from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa).

Step 2 Fix: When you open treasure chests or card packs, you may be disconnected. To keep away from misfortune, exit and return the game on the off chance that a blunder message shows up or tap on the retry button. Try not to click “Return to Primary Menu”.

Step 3 Fix: If you try to redeem codes and get no answer, try again later or log in and out of the game when the server is more reliable.

Step 4 Fix: If you haven’t gotten your things after paying, wait 1 to 2 hours after logging out and back in. Otherwise, please contact the game’s customer support at [email protected].

Step 5 Fix: Download a free VPN program from the program Store or Google Play Store and connect to a VPN (for example, Singapore) before launching the game (if you’re already connected to a VPN, unplug from it and try again).


1.How can I get my Soul Knight data back?

Yes, your purchased item can be recovered as long as it is not consumable, such as diamonds or Fish Chips. To recover purchases on Android, follow these steps: If you want to restore all purchased goods, go to the main screen and press the gear button, followed by the green shopping cart icon.

2.How can I move Soul Knight data to a different device?

The Cloud Can Help

is a feature accessible via the Main Menu. After pressing the “Upload Progress” button, the device’s current game data will be uploaded to the server and can be recovered on another device if desired.

3.How do I back up my Soul Knight account?

Soul Knight Cloud Save Guide for Android | ChillyRoom…

To access the cloud save screen, tap the blue button on the main screen. Tap Upload Progress to store your game data to ChillyRoom’s server, and Retrieve Progress to resume a game from your previous save point.

4.Is Soul Knight now unavailable?

Although Soul Knight may be played without an online connection, several unlockables can only be obtained with one.

5.Is Soul Knight an Asian game?

ChillyRoom Android Apps on Google Play Chinese Indie Game Developer. Creators of Soul Knight, Otherworld Legends, We Happy Restaurant, and many other games. We are enthusiastic about making awesome games.

 How to Fix Soul Knight Prequel Connection Error?


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