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Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 Puzzle Solution


Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30: Reverse 1999 is a novel RPG  game that immerses players in historical periods, including the Great Depression of 1929. It takes place in a parallel universe where Arcanists—people with arcane abilities—and humanity coexist. Using Incantations or cards to defeat enemies, the combat system is a turn-based tactic. In some parts of the story, players will come upon trails while exploring.

Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 Puzzle Solution
Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 Puzzle Solution

Some are side tales, while others are instructional covering tactics and mechanics of warfare. In addition, there are riddles to solve that provide Clear Drops. All problem solutions for Chapter 30 of Reverse 1999 are available in this article.

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Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 

Answers to the Reverse 1999 riddles are found in Chapter 30. There are chapters in Reverse 1999 at launch. The first, titled “In Our Time,” has four puzzles and 16 levels to complete.

This turn-based role-playing game’s chapter, Tender is the Night, consists of 13 levels and three riddles. Chapter 30, Nouvelles et Textes Pour Rien, becomes available to players upon clearing them. Four of the 16 stages in the game have trial puzzles. The 30th chapter, El oro de los tigres, is the last one, with two current puzzles and 23 levels.

Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 Puzzle Solution
Reverse 1999 The World Cup Chapter 30 Puzzle Solution

A girl who has lived life to the fullest and is able to cast an Ultimate in every round is featured in the World Cup. With a decreased leech rate and a unique incantation that can be enhanced by combining with any 1-star incantation, Intel is the enemy. The invocation costs sixty and keeps tiers while randomly converting them into new ones. The Leech Rate has significantly decreased, and the opponent Intel level is Insight III.

Reverse 1999 The World Cup

Reverse 1999 the World cup, which includes The Theft of the Rimet Cup as a new major event and a number of side events including Melania – Thief of the Thieves, Pickles – The Puppy & The Hippie, and Bio of the Great Thief, has been released, according to Bluepoch. Along with these additions, the update brings with it a new Psychube, three new Arcanists, new clothing for APPLe, Regulus, and Centurion, as well as a new Wilderness theme pack.

November 9 until December 4, 2023, is when Theft of the Rimet Cup, the major event, takes place. Timekeepers may earn Clear Drops and Puppy Coins by completing the plot and stages. These can then be traded for 6-Star Psychube, Luxurious Leisure, Unilog, and sophisticated Insight Materials. The actual theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy, which occurred in England in 1966, served as the inspiration for the event.

Melania – Thief of the Thieves, which narrates the tale of Ramirez’s head and the Great Thief Acey, and Bio of the Great Thief, which has levels full of puzzles and prizes like Insight Materials and Clear Drops, are two more side events. To take part in these events, players must finish Reverse 1999 Chapter 1.

Reverse 1999 Chapter 30 The World Cup

With the introduction of the Reverse 1999 update, Bluepoch has added new characters, a major plot event, and a tonne of lucrative side events. Thief of the Thieves, which recounts the tale of Ramirez and Ms. Acey prior to Melaina becoming a thief, is one such side event. November 9, 2023 is when the update started, and it will terminate on November 23, 2023. There are four chapters in the side event, each with many steps and a task to complete. Players must receive 90 points or more in each chapter in order to receive an A rating.

There are several guidelines for how points are awarded for correct answers. Normal questions are worth five points, emergency problems are worth ten, and incorrect answers are worth five. As incentives, players can get Psychube materials, Dust, Sharpodonty, and other Reverse 1999 products by finishing all chapters with an A grade.


Does Reverse 1999 have PvP?

With a Main Story mode and recurrent side-story events, the game places a strong emphasis on storytelling. Neither a competitive mode nor PvP exist. It stands out for the variety of its characters, each having their own distinct design, backstory, and accent, in addition to its talented group of voice actors.

What type of game is Reverse: 1999?

A card-based system is used in Reverse:1999, a turn-based role-playing game. Every character has one ultimate card, two incantation cards, and special passive talents of their own.

How much GB is reverse 1999?

10GB of HD space are needed to download Reverse 1999 on a PC. Therefore, if you’re looking to upgrade or need extra capacity, check out the PCGamesN buyers guide to find the best SSD for gaming.


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