Reverse 1999 Story Explained Complete Guide

Reverse 1999 Story Explained: Bluepoch created the 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic Role-Playing Game 1999. The “Storm” struck the planet on the final day of 1999. Below the falling showers, you saw a time capsule turned inside out. What appears before you defies all logic and is the world of a bygone Period. Here is the article about Reverse 1999 Story Explained, if you want to know more information about Reverse 1999 Story Explained please read this article we hope this article helpful and informative for you.

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Reverse 1999 Story Explained
Reverse 1999 Story Explained

Reverse 1999 Story Explained: 

In the tactical role-playing game Reverse 1999. Players take on the role of Timekeepers in an alternative 20th-century world. It gives them access to the enigmatic Arcanum’s power and has a Gacha system that lets players call forth the many characters in the game. However, because this technique involves complicated summoning and drop rates, a novice can find it difficult to understand.

This page seeks to elucidate Reverse 1999’s gacha System. Including the variety of summon kinds and banners Available. Reverse 1999 is a gacha game with RPG and turn-based strategic fighting mechanisms developed by Bluepoch. Moreover, the plot revolves around time travel. Character drop rates in the gacha mechanism of the game vary Greatly.

If you’re not aware, this is a common method of Monetization used in free-to-play mobile games. It lets users exchange in-game currency for random rewards when they spin or pull a lever. It might be helpful for a newcomer to comprehend these drop rates in Advance because they relate to the summoning mechanisms of the Game.

Those who receive less than three to four stars have the best chance of being Accepted, As shown by these rates. Furthermore, because they are so rare, those with six and five stars have the lowest drop Rates. They are without a doubt the most sought-after Characters available through the gacha System. After the 60th try, you can increase your odds of obtaining the Characters for these six-star grades by pulling more times.

Reverse 1999 Beginner:

Through its banners, the game assists users in obtaining in-game Characters. The Beginner banner is best for a beginner since it produces usable Characters quickly and with little effort. The Limited banner, as its name implies, showcases one-of-a-kind characters that are unlikely to appear anywhere else for a limited time. Conversely, Standard Banner provides the characters you have been utilising from the Start. This banner is a great option if you want to play with a well-known pick.


1. How do I claim a reverse 1999 code?

Ans- Reverse 1999 requires you to finish the tutorial that teaches you to the fighting system and plot before you may redeem a code. Upon finishing the ‘1st 01 Wretched Brats’ narrative mode, you may receive an exchange Ticket.

2. Will Reverse 1999 be on Android?

Ans- In the West, BluePoch Games has released their time-traveling role-playing game Reverse: 1999 for PC, iOS, and Android Devices. Because it’s a free-to-play game, some gacha will be involved. In addition, a fresh teaser showcasing the “Storm” event was Unveiled. It stands out not just for having a large cast of talented voice actors. But also for the variety of characters, each with their own distinct voice, backstory, and Appearance.

3. Is reverse 1999 on iOS?

Ans- In the West, BluePoch Games has released their time-traveling role-playing game Reverse: 1999 for PC, iOS, and Android devices. Because it’s a free-to-play game, some gacha will be involved.


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