Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Guide

Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Guide: The Theft of the Rimet Cup is 1999’s inaugural official event. To test your thieving prowess, a number of special event-exclusive modes have been introduced, along with a fresh batch of event objectives and a brand-new 6-star unit in the shape of the lovely master thief Melania.

Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Guide

Among these is the short puzzle game Bio of the Great Thief, in which you take on the role of Melania and must move around various things to figure out how to escape while dodging guards. Players may get Clear Drop and other helpful in-game items for Re1999 by finishing each of the ten Great Thief stages.

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How to Solve Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle 

At first look, it doesn’t appear as though the Bio of the Great Thief’s Escape Master assignment is the hardest. There aren’t as many Guards and the Search Lights appear to be farther away than in some earlier levels.

Here are a few brief recaps of the basic mechanics of Escape Master before we get into how to finish it. The Search Lights are the most crucial since they instantly provide you 100 Alertness and require you to redo the stage if you step into their path. Normally, when a Guard spots you, you receive 10 Alertness.

Use these instructions to finish the Bio Of The Great Thief stage without making any blunders or failing the Guards or Search Lights. The center box should be immediately over the guard, the top box should go past the guard and onto the bottom pressure plate, and the bottom box should cover the leftmost Search Light.

Step on the Fan to project purple sleeping mist onto the nine titles that surround the tiles. The sleeping mist still has to be up, so go fast through the following three steps.

To fit it into the middle-Pressure Plate, push the last box down toward the search light and right over the fan. The door will open once every Pressure Plate is engaged, letting you leave the stage.

The sleeping mist should still be working, but you’ll have to pass a Search Light to get away. The Escape Master stage may be finished by walking through the glowing doors. Completing the task will get you 10,000 Dust and 30 Clear Drops.

Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Guide

Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie

The primary problem with this task is the room’s odd layout, which frequently requires. You to walk over Search Lights in order to go from one side of the room to the other. Because of this. Getting from the Boxes to the Pressure Plates—which are located beyond the Search Lights can be rather difficult.

Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie Furthermore, there’s a Fan on this level that, when trodden upon. Will envelop the eight titles surrounding it in a purple sleeping mist, along with the Fan itself. You can move freely across Search Light beams. And past Guards on impacted tiles while the mist is up without worrying about detect.

There will be some riddles that are harder than others, though. Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie the tenth mission in the Bio of the Great Thief is called Escape Master. And it’s where everything you’ve learned from the first nine levels comes together. Many Timekeepers will be absolutely baffled by this difficult and challenging step.

Naturally in order to access task 10 in Bio of the Great Thief. You must have initiated the Great Thief activity beforehand. Reverse 1999 The Puppy & The Hippie The first chapter of Reverse 1999’s primary tale. “In Our Time,” must be completed in order to get access to The Theft of the Rimet Cup event.

The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Revere 1999

Additionally, you’ll be able to begin the event plot, which includes everyone’s favorite British pirate, Regulus, along with Pickles the psychic dog and master thief Malenia.

You may enter The Theft of the Rimet Cup by selecting. The ticket from the main menu once you’ve unlocked entry to the event. The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Revere 1999 all you have to do to start your cat burglary adventure is click the Bio of the Great Thief activity on the left side of the screen.

The Puppy & The Hippie Puzzle Revere 1999 In contrast to other aspects of the event. Like the Thief of the Thieves activity. You may access Bio of the Great Thief without having to complete it. Any of the primary Theft of the Rimet Cup campaign missions.


Is Reverse 1999 a Chinese company?

Reverse 1999 is a free-to-play strategic role-playing game with a card-based combat system and attractive graphics, created by Chinese developers Bluepoch. New RE:1999 codes were introduced to the game on November 13th, 2023.

Is Reverse 1999 available on PC?

The 20th-century time-traveling strategic role-playing game Reverse: 1999 was created by Bluepoch Co., Ltd. To have an immersive gaming experience on your PC or Mac, the ideal platform to play this Android game is the BlueStacks app player.

Is Reverse 1999 on mobile?

Reverse: 1999, The Theft of The Rimet Cup, now available on Mobile and PC, can be downloaded at


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