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Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: How to Use it!


Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: Honkai Star Rail Warp Simulators are an excellent way to test your luck for Blade’s banner via unlimited pulls. Blade is summonable on a Character Event Warp known as A Lost Soul, which has been active since the start. Some players may not have spent any resources on it yet, but they could try a simulation to test their luck.

The warp mechanism on Honkai Star Rail is similar to wishing well, yet it may be expensive. Wish simulators that are free to use allow players to simulate rolling for new characters. Considering that HSR is still in its infancy, it has not yet gotten the same attention as Genshin, which has certain desire simulators available on browsers and mobile app stores.

Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: How to Use it!
Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: How to Use it!

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How to Use Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator

An application or website often hosts a wish simulator, which is a no-cost duplicate of Genshin Impact’s wishing mechanism. It may be simple and risk-free fun for players to roll for characters with wish simulators instead of actual money or in-game Primogems.

Keep in mind that wish simulators are only an easy, guilt-free method to imitate pulling for people and weapons that you won’t truly keep; they don’t give any genuine or transferable benefits. When you’ve used up all of the limited promotional codes for free wish currency, they’re also an excellent method to ward off the need to part with real money.

There should be a link to load the Warp Simulator when you first visit the page. The generic Departure Warp will appear when you select that option. Make sure you click on the A Lost Soul Warp button, which is located in the upper left corner of the image above, as it is not the reason Trailblazers visited the website.

Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: How to Use it!
Honkai Star Rail Wish Simulator: How to Use it!

Next, select the option for Skip Express. Star Rail Special Passes and 8,000 Stellar Jade will be automatically awarded to Honkai Star Rail gamers. The following step is as follows if you want an infinite number of pulls.

In the lower left corner of the Warp Simulator webpage, click the gear button. Several choices related to settings ought to be visible. The key one in this case is “Number of Warps.” Select Unlimited instead of Default. If you’d like, you may adjust any other options here.

Wish Simulator Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players are now able to pull as many times as they like. It’s important to note that the Warp Simulator and the game are two different things entirely. It’s not necessary to have an infinite number of pulls because you may change the number of summons you have.

To modify the amount of Stellar Jade you have, just return to the Default option and click the Exchange icon on the main screen.It can estimate the cost of doing the same number of summons that you have done in the real world.

You may use the following to determine how much you would have paid in the real world Click on Blade’s banner to go to the main page. On View Details, click and Choose History by clicking.

According to this Warp Simulator, for instance, 40 pulls on the Honkai Star Rail. It should be noted that getting Blade after 40 summoning is not a given. The same pity rates as Honkai Star Rail are used in this simulation, so if you’re really unfortunate, you could need to pull 180 times.


Is Star Rail canon to Honkai?

The Multiverse of HoYoverse is Canon It has been shown that the Imaginary Tree, which was initially mentioned in Honkai Impact 3rd, is the source of the worlds found in Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact 3rd.

How does Honkai star rail Gacha work?

This entails exchanging premium in-game cash for arbitrary tier items. These appear in Honkai Star Rail as light cones that enhance a character’s abilities and attributes.

How is Star Rail related to Honkai?

To sum up, Honkai Star Rail is not directly linked to Honkai Impact 3rd, even though it has many of the same themes and characteristics. The two games take place in distinct universes, and the creator HoYoverse is just hinting to players who are interest about the ties between the two.

Who is the real MC in Star Rail?

The protagonist of Honkai: Star Rail is the Trailblazer, whose gender may chose by the player. When the Honkai: Star Rail protagonists Kafka and Silver Wolf are aboard the Herta Space Station, they first activate the Trailblazer’s container.


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