How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail Latest Guide 2023

How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail: The campaign’s Honkai Star Rail boss battle is quite challenging as it pits you against Cirrus Boss, a huge entity with both abundance and destruction powers. Before continuing, make sure your characters have gained further levels. For ease of reference, a comprehensive strategy guide is presented here. Here is the article How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail, Know more about Cirrus Boss Fight Honkai Star Rail, Please Read this article inOfficial Panda.

How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail
How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail

 How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail

The moment you make eye contact with the Ravager Cirrus, starts. She launches a preemptive attack on an unidentified character to start the fight. Then she will call out twin blooms with her Burgeoning Bloom talent. Wind and Imaginary DMG have little effect on any of these blooms.

They have the ability to take your party’s skill points and recover HP every round. It is thus strongly advised that you handle them first. Your party’s skill points will be restored upon destroying a bloom.

In order to postpone their action, Cirruscan can additionally inflict harm on a single target with her Weaving Roots ability. Due to her vulnerability to Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary DMG, it is best to carry a squad that is strong against these three elements for optimal effectiveness. The first phase will come to an end when Cirrus’s HP reaches zero.

The initiated instantly by Cirrus with a powerful damage-dealing AoE assault. It is advised to get well as quickly as possible since if Jing Yuan runs out of health, the battle will end right away.

Cirrus will immediately conjure two flowers and release a purple aura by using the power of Destruction. Because of how hazardous this is, it’s best to bring in a healer who can remove debuffs. Flowers have no infirmities; when they are brought to the ground, they go into a condition of repose. The flowers go into repose for one round, after which they revert to full health.

Cirrus Boss Fight Honkai Star Rail

One of the flowers may also get into a condition known as “Bloom,” latching onto a single target, thanks to Cirrus Boss. The flowers are susceptible to lightning, quantum, and imaginary harm while they are energized. Once more, handling the blooms as soon as possible is strongly advised before moving forward.

How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail
How to defeat Cirrus Boss Honkai Star Rail

Imbibitor Lunae may strike Cirrus boss and her flowers with his AoE talent. This power has the potential to imprison enemies in addition to doing enormous Imaginary damage as it builds up over time. When the HP of the Cirrus boss is 0, the phase is over.

Honkai Star Rail Cirrus Boss Fight

An angry and changed Cirrus leads the way in the last stage of this boss fight. This will make things even more difficult than normal since she will call forth four blossoms in totaltwo from each phase. To level the playing field, you can employ Jing Yuan’s Ultimate power.

This is a rather simple phase where all you have to do is keep track of the blossoms and do massive amounts of damage. When her HP reaches zero, the fight will eventually conclude, and you’ll be rewarded.


How do you beat the boss in Honkai: Star Rail?

How to Win Honkai: Star Rail’s Doomsday Beast? Making the most of the Weakness Break mechanism to counteract the Doomsday Beast’s three components—the Antimatter Engine, Dawn’s Left Hand, and Disaster’s Right Hand—is the key to defeating the boss battle in Honkai: Star Rail.

How do you beat the Doomsday Beast in Honkai: Star Rail?

Rather of targeting all three parts at once, it is advisable to concentrate on one at a time, particularly the hands.

How old is stelle in Honkai: Star Rail?

Seele is presently accessible through the banner event as a member of Wildfire in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a character in Quantum on the Hunt route. Her age is estimated to be between 23 and 25 years old, and her height is 5’4″.

What is the hardest boss in star rail?

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