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Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail Guide


Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail: Star Rail is a role-playing gacha video Game Created by miHoYo and Distributed by Cognosphere, d/b/a HoYoverse in Mainland China. It follows the main character as he travels across other planets, mitigating tragedies created by the “Stellaron.” Here is the article about Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail, if you want to know more information about How to get Grande Rejuvepill Honkai Star Rail please read this article, we hope this article will help you and informative content for you.

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Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail
Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail

Sojourners Ghastly Reverie Honkai Star Rail:

Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie is a Trailblaze Continuance and Event Quest in Honkai: Star Rail for A Foxian Tale of the Haunted. This Guide will show you how to Unlock this Assignment, its Walkthrough, and all of the Prizes! To obtain Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie, you must Reach Trailblaze Level 34 and Complete the Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead Trailblaze Mission.

The first task in the Trailblaze Continuance, A Foxian Tale of the Haunted, is Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie. This quest Grants you your first Entrance to Fyxestroll Garden! Ghastly Reverie for Sojourners also serves as an Event quest for A Foxian Tale of the Haunted. The Trailblaze Continuance takes place Concurrently with the Event, Thus quest Completion Unlocks Extra event Stuff!

Completing Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie Unlocks the Trailblaze Continuance Mission Twins, which Includes an event Instruction. It Should be Noted that Fyxestroll Gathering I will occur Before Twins. This serves as an interval, with all Characters Participating in the Event Gathering first before researching the Following major Event!

Sojourner’s Ghastly Reverie puzzle solution:

When you first enter the Maze, you’ll be at a “starting position” with Three Gates, Which you’ll see a lot as you Advance. It is critical to pay close Attention to the front of each Gate. There will be little red Bulbs in front of them at the start of the Problem. It doesn’t matter which gate you enter at this Moment. Continue Turning around the maze until the Things in front of the gates Change.

The maze is meant to be Repeated until you reach the point when the “starting point” changes Design. Instead of modest red lighting on the ground, there are bigger Yellow lamps in front of each Gate. To advance Through the Maze, You must enter the gate with one yellow Lamp. If you enter the gate with two yellow lamps, you will only move in Circles.

You’ll Return to the “starting position” after passing through the gate with one Yellow Lamp, but with a different Design. This time, crimson lanterns will be hung on the Gate. You must Enter the gate with one red lamp or you will Wander in Circles. Completing the Objective will allow you to enter the first Section of the maze.

When you first start the Problem, Proceed up until you encounter a dead end. Interact with the boxes Containing Talismans to acquire Information about the first Gloomy Door. After Gathering Information, proceed to the chamber on the Left. You will be prompt to Interact with the door, but you will be unable to Enter. Instead, turn left to enter a room filled with Vases. Discard the red vases while ignoring the blue ones. When you’re finish, interact with the Gloomy Door again, and you’ll be able to pass Through.


1. Is Honkai: Star Rail related to Honkai impact?

Ans- It is the fourth entry in the Honkai Series, Drawing on characters from Honkai Impact 3rd and gameplay Components from Genshin Impact (but with considerable alterations to the characters’ backgrounds and Personalities, as well as changes to the Gameplay features).

2. Will Star Rail beat Genshin?

Ans- Honkai: Star Rail has a Statistical Advantage over Genshin Impact. The Former has some Fundamental benefits over the latter, leading some novice Players – and even Some long-term Genshin players – to favour it.

3. Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail?

Ans- Imbibitor Lunae, Dan Heng’s dragon form, can be Found in Honkai: Star Rail. This is the most Powerful Character Ever, Topping the rankings in single-target and multi-target Damage. He is, however, a skill point Hoarder, Requiring up to three skill points Every round to attain his Maximum damage Output.


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