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Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail Guide


In this Article we will talk about the Mysteries of Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail. The Ghost Hunting Squad, armed with the intriguing Gold Medallion, stands as a beacon against paranormal threats in the enthralling universe of Honkai: Star Rail.

Captain Wendy wields this tremendous item, which holds the secret to managing the Astral Express and protecting humanity from the otherworldly threats hiding within the parallel dimension it travels.

 Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail Guide

What is a Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail?

The Ghost Hunting Squad acts in the shadows, researching paranormal occasions. Their essential objective is to protect humankind from the risks of the Astral Express, a secretive train that moves through an aspect populated with ghosts and supernatural things.

The Gold Medallion: Extraordinariness and Hardships

The Gold Medallion, an interesting and esteemed object, must be procured by finishing a progression of troublesome preliminaries on board the Astral Express. These provokes put players’ gifts under serious scrutiny, moving them to address conundrums and face extreme enemies to show their legitimacy.

What are the ways to unlock Gold Medallion’s Power

  1. Acquiring the Gold Medallion: The best way to get the Gold Medallion is to finished the Astral Express undertakings effectively.
  1. Controlling the Astral Express: The Gold Medallion concedes its owner the ability to control the Astral Express, giving assurance against its intrinsic risks. Its power stretches out to vanquishing supernatural creatures and tackling complex difficulties.

How to Use the Gold Medallion with the help of Ghost Hunting Squad

  1. Insightful Use: While using the Gold Medallion, use watchfulness and intelligence. Its power is perfect, and it ought to be utilized astutely.
  2. Assurance and Safeguard: Focus on using the Gold Medallion for self-preservation and shielding others from the Astral Express’ risks.
  3. Puzzle-Settling Dominance: Utilizing the Gold Medallion’s abilities to tackle issues inside the Astral Express exhibits its adaptability.

The Gold Medallion’s History and Appearance and the works of Ghost Hunting Squad

  1. Spot of Beginning: The Gold Medallion was made in light of a world-compromising ghost by the main top of the Ghost Hunting Squad.
  2. Tasteful Wonder: The Gold Medallion is made of unadulterated gold and highlights complex carvings and images that imply its expulsion power. Its ethereal brilliance adds to its charm.

 Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail Guide

Gold Medallion Wielder’s Powers and Responsibilities:

  1. Powers: Order of the Astral Express, insurance from its dangers, overcoming otherworldly creatures, and puzzle-addressing capacities.
  2. Obligations: Overcoming ghosts, safeguarding Astral Express privileged insights, and forestalling noxious use.

Ghost Hunting Squad Guide and Gold Medallion’s Future

  1. Authentic Wielders: The first Ghost Hunting Squad endlessly chief Wendy are eminent Gold Medallion wielders.
  1. Future Significance: The Gold Medallion is anticipated to be significant in overcoming a strong rival undermining world fiasco.

Additional Gold Medallion Mastery Tips:

  1. Persistence: Following through with responsibilities and procuring the Gold Medallion will take time. Show restraint.
  1. Determination: Don’t get beat by early disappointments. Endure, and achievement will come.
  1. Creativity: Utilize your capacities and mastery to defeat impediments on the Astral Express.
  1. Alert: The Astral Express is loading with danger. Abstain from getting into tight spots by practicing judiciousness.


Honkai, should I concentrate on Star Rail?

Assault power, basic rate, and HP are huge, yet one of the most pivotal properties in Honkai Star Rail is speed. Being speedier than your rivals permits you to strike all the more as often as possible thusly based battle.

How much room is requiring for Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Minimum system requirements for Star Rail. When it comes to Android, the game runs smoothly on devices with 4GB of RAM and a processor newer than the Snapdragon 835, Dimension 720, or Kirin 810, and it requires at least 8.. 5GB of free space.

How much did Honkai: Star Rail cost to develop?

HSR’s publicly known revenue total is presently $500M in three months, implying that miHoYo has already recouped the game’s anticipated $100-200M development and launch marketing spend.

Can you comprehend Honkai: Star Rail without using the honkai impact?

Honkai Star Rail, on the other hand, is a stand-alone title, which means players may enjoy it without having previously playing Honkai Impact 3rd or Genshin Impact. Despite being based in the same universe, the new game delivers a distinct experience that can be experiencing individually.

In Honkai: Star Rail, who is the most powerful character?

Lunae Imbibitor Form

Inhibitor Lunae, Dan Heng’s dragon form, finding in Honkai: Star Rail. This is the most powerful character ever, topping the rankings in single-target and multi-target damage. He is, however, a skill point hoarder, requiring up to three skill points every round to attain his maximum damage output.

 Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion Honkai Star Rail Guide



The Ghost Hunting Squad Gold Medallion in Honkai: Star Rail is more than basically a collectible; it addresses valiance and dominance over the heavenly. As you face the Astral Express’ challenges, utilize the Gold Medallion with shrewdness to protect humankind and modify the destiny of this enchanting universe. May your way be loading up with secrets addressed, troubles survive, and the directing light of the Gold Medallion.

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