How to Complete Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact

How to Complete Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact : One of the most gratifying global quest chains is the Ancient Colours one, despite being lengthy and difficult. The Traveller must assist Mamer, a melusine who is being mistreated by hermits, in Part 1. Mamer is a kind and compassionate creature, and it is obvious that she is terrified of the hermits. She needs to be shielded and assisted in escaping by the Traveller.

How to Complete Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact
How to Complete Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact

In the Fontaine wilderness, the search starts. There will be several hermits who are picking on Mamer when The Traveller and Paimon encounter them. Mamer seemed to love being torment by the hermits, who are nasty and brutal. The Traveller needs to step in and eject the hermits.

How to Complete Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact

Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest Genshin Impact Locate the ideal location for Mamer to paint. It is crucial to choose a location that is both lovely and serene since the surroundings will reflect in her work. Finish the Merusea side quests that are offer. You may discover more about the setting of Fontaine and its residents by completing these side missions. Be careful to bid Mamer farewell before you depart. She will value your companionship since she is a loving and kind creature.

As we introduce you to the world of the Ancient Colours Part 1 World Quest, go into the captivating kingdom of Teyvat. Discussions regarding its position in the Genshin Impact story, the mystery surrounding ancient artefacts, and the historical backdrop that creates the setting for the quest’s development will erupt.

Genshin Impact 4.0’s primary goals are to track down and eliminate Jacob and Rifthounds while using prisms to resonate with ore. In addition, they must battle monsters and explore the unexplored space region. Finishing the illusion entails teleporting to the merusea hamlet, pursuing eremites, and exploring caverns, tunnels, and subterranean locales. Cosanzeana can provide you with any further goals.

More About Ancient Colors Part 1 World Quest

The remaining tasks will help by Paimon, and the first stage of the ancient colours quest in Genshin Impact 4.0 will bring many benefits. Players must also locate Mamere in order to access a special treasure chest and receive the red stone as a prize.  Start a conversation on the objects that players discover during their journeys. Learn about their historical significance, the tales they contain, and the advantages they provide for games.

Part 1 of The Ancient Colours Players in World Quest come into touch with a variety of individuals. Each of which has their own goals and viewpoints. Suddenly have new insights on how the player interacts with these people, how dialogue decisions affect the story, and how relationships change as the quest progresses.

A fantastic adventure that introduces players to the setting and people of Fontaine is call Ancient Colours Part 1. The quest is difficult, but it is also fruitful. Players who successfully finish the mission will receive a special piece of furniture as well as significant amounts.

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