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How to Get to Fontain Genshin Impact


How to Get to Fontain Genshin Impact: MiHoYo’s open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact has captured gamers all around the world with its breathtaking settings, complicated missions, and different characters.

Fontaine, a gorgeous city that players frequently wish to visit, is one of the game’s many interesting settings. However, if you’re inexperienced with the game’s mechanics and setting, getting to Fontaine can be difficult. This tutorial will walk you through the process of getting to Fontaine in Genshin Impact.

Fontaine is located in the Sumeru region. However, before you can travel to Fontaine, you must first complete the Sumeru region. Regions in Genshin Impact are accessible through progressing through the main plot and accomplishing specified missions. Continue to complete the primary missions to get entry to Sumeru.

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How to Get to Fontain Genshin Impact
How to Get to Fontain Genshin Impact

As previously stated, the core plot of Genshin Impact leads players through different objectives and experiences. To go to Fontaine, you must complete the Sumeru major missions. These missions will frequently need you to do chores, kill creatures, and interact with NPCs in order to learn the region’s heritage and mysteries.

How to Get to Fontain Genshin Impact:

While following the Archon Quest Chapter IV storyline is the easiest way to get to Fontaine, anyone can get there by using the northeastern Teleport Waypoint in the Realm of Farakhkert desert area of Sumeru – as long as you have completed the Prologue story in Mondstadt up to Act III ‘Song of the Dragon and Freedom’. Don’t worry if you haven’t unlocked the Realm of Farakhkert in Sumeru, or any nation other than Mondstadt for that matter.

For the Teleport Waypoint will appear on everyone’s map after ‘Song of the Dragon and Freedom’ is completed. The Teleport Waypoint you must utilise sits right above a Waverider on the Realm of Farakhkert’s northeastern shore, northeast of Aipattravna Swap and the Hills of Barsom. All you have to do now is ride the Waverider across the lake to unlock Fontaine!

To reach the Court of Fontaine, the region’s principal city, take the aquabus from the top of the lift across from the Waverider. You may also explore the surrounding region and take the long route to the Court of Fontaine if you choose, but using the aquabus is much faster and allows you to acquire Teleport Waypoints around the city for future use.

Accessing Teleport Waypoints:

Teleport Waypoints are necessary for navigating the game environment rapidly. As you proceed through Sumeru’s primary objectives, you’ll discover Teleport Waypoints in and around Fontaine. These waypoints act as quick-travel stations, allowing you to move quickly between different regions of the city and its surrounds. Take your time exploring Fontaine’s bustling streets, exquisite architecture, and cultural monuments once you arrive.

Interact with the NPCs in the area to discover more about the city’s history and residents. Fontaine is recognised for its distinct charm, so take your time when visiting. The gaming world of Genshin Impact is known for its abundance of side missions and activities. Keep a watch out for NPCs with exclamation points over their heads as you explore Fontaine.

These NPCs provide side tasks that might reward you with valuable things, experience points, and knowledge about the region’s lore. During your adventure in Genshin Impact, you may come across in-game travel guides that provide useful information about the globe, regions, and cultures. These guides can expand your entire game experience by providing context to the areas you explore, including Fontaine.


Take a minute to absorb the magnificent sights and attention to detail that miHoYo has placed into developing this virtual environment while you explore Fontaine. Fontaine is a visually appealing site because to the game’s art style, lighting effects, and general design. Finally, getting to Fontaine in Genshin Impact entails unlocking the Sumeru region via main quest progression, gaining access to Teleport Waypoints, and thoroughly immersing oneself in the city’s charm via exploration and interaction with NPCs. Remember that Genshin Impact is all about the adventure, so enjoy every minute and unravel the secrets that the gaming world has to offer.

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