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Where to Start 4.0 Fontain Quest Genshin Impact


Where to Start 4.0 Fontain Quest Genshin Impact: As miHoYo publishes version 4.0 of Genshin Impact, the enthralling world of Teyvat is set to experience a new injection of excitement and secrets.

One of the highlights of the plethora of new material and features is the Fontaine Quest, which promises to be an intriguing journey for players to explore. As you prepare to embark on this questline, let’s look at where to start and what to anticipate from the Fontaine Quest in Genshin Impact 4.0.

A narrative that has never been spoken, a legend that has been forgotten, like a buried country pining for a bard to sing its drowned songs. Following the direction of pure currents, passing wildness, the depths of woods, and the immensity of the sand sea, we arrive to the source of all the continent’s waters.

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Where to Start 4.0 Fontain Quest Genshin Impact
Where to Start 4.0 Fontain Quest Genshin Impact

The curtain quietly rises on the next part of the journey at the top of the waterfall, in the depths of the capital atop the terrestrial sea. The following Fontaine regions will be accessible in Version 4.0: Court of Fontaine Region, Beryl Region, and Belleau Region.

Where to Start 4.0 Fontain Quest Genshin Impact:

The Fontaine Quest starts with a tempting invitation delivered right to your in-game mail. To access the quest, go through the following steps: Launch Genshin Impact and confirm that the game has been upgraded to version 4.0. Look for the invitation from the NPC “Crisis.” Open the invitation to begin the Fontaine Quest.

Accepting the offer will take you to the Fontaine region, a stunning destination with rich landscapes, colourful flora, and unique architecture. This new territory is intend to serve as the background for different narratives, events, and challenges in the 4.0 release. The Fontaine Quest is divided into chapters.

Each of which reveals additional levels of the main story. Without giving too much away, you can anticipate a mix of exploration, battle, and puzzle-solving as you follow the protagonists through this captivating plot. Along the way, you’ll meet new and old faces, each adding to the rich mythology of Genshin Impact.

New Fontaine Mechanic:

A mysterious ability that emanates from a statue to bestow the blessing of the Transoceanic Sourcewater on you. So long as you’re travelling through the Fontaine lakes, your progress will be unobstructed. Some devices acquire by characters cannot yet be utilise underwater. There is also an issue where, after characters enter the underwater zones, the gadget icons are not visible, preventing Travellers from switching to other devices using Quickswap. If you need to switch between gadgets, you can do so in the Inventory for the time being, or Quickswap to the underwater devices before diving. This problem will be address in future editions.

Rewards and Discoveries:

Completing the Fontaine Quest, as is common with Genshin Impact questlines, provides rich prizes that can help you continue in the game. Primogems, character experience materials, enhancement ores, and other items can be obtain. Furthermore, the questline frequently reveals hidden truths and legends about Teyvat’s planet. Increasing your grasp of its residents, customs, and history.

In addition to the main questline, the Fontaine area is expect to have a slew of side tales. Global quests, and activities that add to the game’s richness. These alternative activities may result in new character interactions, exciting challenges, and one-of-a-kind prizes. Inviting players to completely immerse themselves in Teyvat’s universe.

Given the popularity of Genshin Impact. It is probable that gamers from all around the world will come together to share their experiences. Ideas regarding the Fontaine Quest. Online groups, forums, and social media platforms are excellent tools for acquiring knowledge, debating methods. Addressing difficulties that may arise.


Prepare to be enthralle by an immersive trip full with mysteries, obstacles. Amazing experiences as you start on the Fontaine Quest in Genshin Impact 4.0. This questline is a cornerstone of the new update because to its blend of storyline, adventure, and rewards. So assemble your crew, hone your abilities, and prepare to enter the enchanted land of Fontaine!

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