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Generation Zero Update 1.39 Patch Notes


Generation Zero Update 1.39: In order to improve Generation Zero’s Generation Zero Update 1.39 game features and experiences, the Recon Update adds minor modifications to stertörn. However, several of the new features were advanced from the Recon Update to a more substantial and significant release due to their complexity. Dev Letters and other messages will have more information. The bulk of Generation Zero’s upcoming material is still the same.

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Generation Zero Update 1.39 Patch Notes

We will visit the hauntingly beautiful yet dangerous world of Generation Zero as we join the interesting setting of Generation Zero Update 1.39, where the battle against hostile robots is still going on! This widely anticipated update is the key to unlocking a wealth of developments and thrilling changes in the Generation Zero universe. It is brimming with excitement and swirling in the mystery of gaming enigmas. Join us as we explore the complexity of Generation Zero 1.39 in this intriguing journey.

We’ve completed our second half of 2023 roadmap, which includes a Dev Letter outlining the roadmap’s construction, challenges, and time-consuming process. We hope you appreciate these additions.

Generation Zero Update 1.39 General Issues

  • Building block mission might fail.
  • Barricades erected by Ghosts of the Past are stuck at 9/10.
  • Projectiles from rocket launchers struck the earth rather than an adversary.
  • Reaction of companion to flares and pyrotechnics
  • After being picked up in the environment, 44 Magnus and Meusser Hunting Rifles are absent from the inventory.
  • Issues arise while using the “Pet the Companion” emote when using the aim-down sight while using any weapon during gameplay.
  • Lost progress for the client finishing the multiplayer mission “The Home Team”
  • In rare cases, the host of a multiplayer game may not be able to see the client’s companion.
  • While the buddy is stealing from dead computers, the game could crash after opening the player inventory.
  • The task “Destroy 5 Runners with a Hunting Rifle” is not tracked.

Generation Zero Update 1.39 Bug Fix

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Wolf, Harvester, and Tank from using their Stomp attack.
  • Fixed an issue whereby using “Loot all” to loot a piece of clothing that was already in your inventory would cause the whole haul to vanish.
  • The “Reaper Loot bug” affected the Reaper’s loot the most frequently. Begone!
  • Minor cosmetic adjustments to the Prototype Tank’s armour
  • A glitch that showed billions of schematic points achieved but resulted in negative numbers has been fixed. Since there is no player information accessible prior to the problem.
  • Players who were impacted have had their schematic points reset to 0.
  • corrected a bug that prevented the bikes’ lights from showing properly.
  • Fixed a bug in which shock ammunition failed to form arcs when attached to a machine, resulting in significantly reduced damage output.
  • Fixed an issue where some throwables only lasted half as long as they should have.
  • The Homing Turrets missile that was orbiting some enemies has been repaired.
  • The Homing Turret’s rockets may now spin and shift their trajectories more quickly in order to respond to and attack moving targets.
  • A bug that prevented ammunition from shooting with the Experimental AG4 signature firing DoT has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused forward motion and jittery animation when riding a motorbike while holding down the handbrake and reverse.
  • There are no longer any extraneous weekly procedural missions.
  • Fixed a problem where the “Important Public Announcement” challenge wasn’t always counted while completing Archipelago tasks.
  • The DLC Schematics preview images in the first column did not match the icons. Now they do!

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