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Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3 Patch Notes


Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3: First-person shooter Battlefield 2042 was created by DICE and released by Electronic Arts in 2021.

Due to its absence of a single-player campaign and a slew of game-breaking bugs that immediately drove its active playerbase tumbling, the multiplayer-only shooter was not warmly regarded at launch. Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V are now free for PC players who are Amazon Prime members. The setting of Battlefield 1 is World War 1, and it is based on actual events.

The action-packed single-player game may be enjoyed even if you’re not a huge multiplayer enthusiast. No, sorry. In order to play and retrieve your profile, you must connect to the servers, much like in a lot of other contemporary shooters. Since the entire game is multiplayer-focused, there isn’t even a campaign to enjoy. It is untrue to assert that Battlefield 2042 had “a few bugs” when it was released. It was initially launched as a problematic, hardly playable mess.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3
Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3

There were a tonne of bugs, crashes, and bad gameplay situations. The worst ones affected players’ ability to gain experience from matches they participated in. This number shows a sharp decline when compared to the game’s first month of sales. Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19 and by the end of the first month, it had reached an all-time high of 100,590 concurrent players.

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3:

“Warzone’s a dead game – everyone gonna be playing Battlefield 2042” – Wow, did those words age like milk. But we, like so many of the community, really believed it. We thought this is the year that Battlefield beats CoD. But along came the Vanguard beta (on-time) and while it wasn’t perfect, the worst you heard people say is that it was forgettable. Whereas Battlefield’s beta (when it did finally come) was…well.

Let’s get into all that, here’s our review of the Battlefield 2042 beta, but first – some caveats, Portal and Hazard Zone make up two thirds of the game, and they may still be excellent. This review is just of the multiplayer experience. We took the map design into account when determining our overall ranking since we believe Orbital will be representative of the maps in BF2042, however we might be mistaken.

The other 6 maps, which may also be the best, may be better than this one. This is not a review of the experience on old-gen; rather, it is a review of the experience on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. After clearing our throats, let’s get to the specifics of the Battlefield 2042 beta.


The TTK will be too fast for Battlefield fans, but to the general audience, it should be well received. The gun animations and the weight of each shot are a bit lacking. Bullet velocity is ridiculously slow (which is typical of a Battlefield game), but these complaints aren’t game-breaking.

The weapon balance is a little off, there’s very little reason to use anything besides an AR, but a ton of shooters are guilty of this, so we can’t be too harsh on BF2042 for doing the same. The gunplay is fine, it’s not hugely satisfying, but it’s not a red flag for the game’s future. In this instance, Battlefield is significantly outmatched by its competitors.

It is obvious that the Frostbite engine wasn’t designed from the bottom up for shooter games. Travelling across the terrain is uninteresting rather than rewarding since the movement is clumsy, languid, and at the same time airy; there is no weight behind anything. The implementation of parachuting was likewise subpar; while they may have aimed for realism, the end-user is left with the impression that the system is unresponsive.

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