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Tarkov Patch Notes 13.1 Update


Tarkov Patch Notes 13.1 Update – The gripping and immersive first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov is constantly changing thanks to updates and fixes. A number of interesting new features, enhancements, and fixes are added in patch 13.1 to improve gameplay. We will examine the main points of Escape from Tarkov Patch 13.1, presenting the new features and adjustments that players can anticipate.

A dynamic weather system, which adds an additional level of realism to the game. It is one of the exciting new additions in Patch 13.1. Now that the weather is changing and might impair visual and sound quality with things like heavy rain and fog. Players will need to modify their strategies accordingly. The patch also adds a number of weapon balancing changes to make sure that everyone can play in a fair and pleasant manner.

tarkov patch notes 13.1 update
tarkov patch notes 13.1 update

Tarkov Patch Notes 13.1 Update

Brand-new tools and weapons

Patch 13.1 expands your arsenal by adding a number of new tools and settings. Get ready to use the lethal AS VAL weapon, known for both its armour-piercing ability and integrated silencer. The VPO-215 bolt-action sniper rifle and the potent.338 Lapua Magnum round both make their debuts. Providing devoted marksmen with long-range precision. To fit their desired playstyle, players can also anticipate new helmets, armour vests, and tactical backpacks.

In Patch 13.1, the renowned Customs map receives a huge expansion that adds new locations for exploration and furious firefights. Find additional structures like warehouses and tunnels beneath the ground to provide scavengers and PMC operatives new tactical options. A more immersive and difficult experience is provided by the larger Customs map. Which forces players to adapt and use new tactics.

Better AI Behaviour

In Patch 13.1, the AI-controlled Scavs are improving, making battles with them more difficult and realistic. The reaction times, tactical judgement, and combat prowess of AI Scavs have all been enhanced. Expect furious firefights as the AI adjusts to various circumstances by using cover, flanking manoeuvres, and teamwork. Every raid now has an additional level of excitement and unpredictability thanks to the updated AI behaviour.

Balance Modifications

As with any significant patch, balance changes are implemente to guarantee fun and enjoyable gameplay. To encourage a more balanced and competitive environment, patch 13.1 makes adjustments to armour effectiveness, weapon attributes, and other gameplay features. The changes to weapon qualities will also offer a novel experience, allowing players to experiment with various weapon combinations and discover novel strategies for outwitting their opponents. These changes are intended to produce a dynamic meta where players can experiment with various loadouts and strategies.

Gamers will need to carefully assess their defensive options and modify their playstyle as a result of changes to armour effectiveness. These adjustments are made in an effort to create a more interesting and dynamic gameplay environment that keeps players interested in the game for longer periods of time.


The Escape from Tarkov Patch 13.1 adds exhilarating new material, enhancements, and fixes to improve gameplay. Players can anticipate a more immersive, demanding, and refined experience in the world of Escape from Tarkov thanks to new weapons and equipment, an extended Customs map, improved AI behaviour, audio and graphic changes, bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and balance modifications. As you move across the ever-changing Tarkov landscape, get ready for violent firefights, adjust to the changes, and go on thrilling raids.

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