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EFT Patch Notes Update


EFT Patch Notes Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game being developed for Windows by Battlestate Games.

The game takes place in the fictitious Norvinsk territory, where two private military corporations are at war. Unfortunately, the answer to the question ‘is Escape From Tarkov free to play’ is no – there can be quite a large payment involved with the game. Is Escape from Tarkov a Steam game? Escape From Tarkov is not yet available on Steam or other comparable platforms such as the Epic Games Store.

The game is still in closed beta and can only be purchased through Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov website. Because of the amount of material accessible, Escape From Tarkov is one of the greatest competitive multiplayer games available. Players can continually loot other players in order to make the following game go easier. With the next wipe approaching in Escape From Tarkov, players are constantly striving for an advantage.

However, Escape From Tarkov is currently in Beta, and as a result, the game is continually being updated. As a result, the game will see significant enhancements in the future. Escape From Tarkov’s technological roadmap has been provided by Battlestate Games, and gamers have a lot to look forward to in the future.

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eft patch notes
eft patch notes

EFT Patch Notes

The creator of the first-person shooter game Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games, has revealed a detailed list of improvements that will be included in the future technical update. The upgrade, which is scheduled to go live on July 6, will cause a six-hour delay, but will not destroy any data. The following are the entire patch notes:

The update’s primary purpose was to radically alter the architecture of player presentation and synchronisation on the client, as well as their connection to the server. The following objectives were met. Increased the number of network entities in the Streets of Tarkov raid. Changes to additional places are also conceivable in the future.

Improved hit registration accuracy. Improved positioning (position matching) accuracy of players on the server and the client. Reduced the possibility of desync with the server. Network traffic optimisation. Memory usage optimisation. Oculus Spatializer received a major upgrade, which corrected positioning difficulties that may arise when a large number of audio sources were playing at the same time.

Weapon sound modifications – gunshots now sound more volumetric, but sound placement is preserved. Fixed abrupt transitions from mono to stereo. When the character is using active headsets, the internal reverb noises have been adjusted. In practise mode, I reworked the bot spawn mechanism. The number of bots is now more realistic in respect to the settings used.

List of fixes:

Culling now works correctly in several locations on Streets of Tarkov.  When revisiting the settings panel, the practise mode settings are now reset. Bots did not spawn in practise mode if the raid settings menu was not accessed before beginning the raid. The display signature of thermal sights visible through the weapon has been corrected. The inaccurate distance at which weapon flashlights cease to be visible has been corrected.

Fixed visual artefacts caused by shifting the field of vision when in raid mode. On Tarkov Streets, the representation of glass and translucent items has been improved and optimised. Fixed the source of stutters in some particular sections on sites that might occur during sound occlusion computations. Fixed an issue in which opened doors might muffle noises, or vice versa – be completely hearable and have no effect on sound when closed.

Fence reputation is no longer lost by player Scavs who kill Rogue bosses. A rare glitch in which bosses or their guards might freeze after tossing a grenade has been fixed. Dropped objects, equipment, and weapons no longer have road markings overlaid on them. The Unity version upgrade is not included in this release. We want to provide an updated release roadmap for this year in the near future, which will include a game engine upgrade, content updates, and other improvements.

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