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New World Season 2 Patch Notes, Release date Rewards and More


New World Season 2 Patch Notes, Release date Rewards and More: The updates and problem fixes for Season 2 of New World are listed below. The game received the largest update to date, adding the content. Even though there hasn’t an update in a while, the amount of new content has great thus far. The game we played had a first season called New World, and it was pretty long. There is a tonne of brand-new playable game content available with the Season 2 release. There are a lot of items on your list because technological advances are also anticipated. Below are the patch notes for the New World Season 2 update.

New World Season 2 Patch Notes, Release date Rewards and More
New World Season 2 Patch Notes, Release date Rewards and More

New World Season 2 Patch Notes

The enormous creature known as the Devourer is one of Brimstone Sands’ most intriguing mysteries. The Blood of the Sands clan’s leader, Malek, has emerged from hiding to ask for assistance in locating the eggs of these animals. By working with the Silver Crows and the poet Rima, you may unravel the mysteries of the order and how it is related to the figure known as Shah Neshen. The new quest may be started from any of the Crows Nest camps by players who have finished the Season 1 narrative. Players who didn’t finish the Season 1 narrative in its entirety can pick up their new questline goal in the Crows Nest.

Blood of the Sands introduces new challenges, a new Season Journey, new tasks on the Activity Card, new prizes like as cosmetics and consumables such as Transmog Tokens, and new features.

New World Season 2 Patch Notes


In a mid-season 2 update, transmog will be introduced to New World, enabling you to further personalise your character. Any object encountered in the environment may be transformed into a useful skin for your cosmetic collection using consumable Transmog tokens.

Arena of Shah Neshen

In a new PvE game option for 20 max-level players, enter Shah Neshen the Devourer’s Arena and face the huge sandwurm for spectacular rewards. View the enormous sandwurm, prestigious prizes, and thunderous music that go into creating Aeternum’s most challenging challenge yet by going behind the scenes.

The Hatchery

Stop a scheme to hatch hazardous sandwurm eggs by fighting your way through waves of foes, then confront the Hatchery’s keeper, Hadish Hazar, and his henchmen. Get one-of-a-kind items in a new weekly activity open to 10 max-level players. A player can win the maximum amount of rewards seven times each week; extra wins result in smaller payouts.

First Light Retraction

First Light has vanquished by Artemis and her army of the Angry Earth! The Trading Post, Fort, and Settlement of First Light have all left in ruins. A thorny wall has formed at the border, barring entry until further notice.

All items related to housing will  kept in any storage shed with the name “Old First Light” after being retrieved from storage. There will ultimately an expiration date for every order placed in First Light’s Trading Post, and no new orders may placed there. The damages suffered by the former owners of First Light as a result of the Retraction will made up. First Light now grants Weaver’s Fen more Faction Control Points (FCP), while First Light’s FCP benefit has temporarily removed.

Arenas Map

Play against other players on a brand-new Gladiator-style 3v3 Arenas battleground. On this list, we just see fresh playable game material; the creators haven’t provided any background information or small tweaks. The New World Season 2 update may be rather large, so begin downloading as soon as possible.


  • The task’s lore page has activated The Pirate’s Issue was resolved.
  • The task has changed. A Capitalization Request from a Toymaker.
  • The Curse of Karburg quest pin vanished when players left the quest site owing to a now-fixed bug.
  • Due to a technical issue, players were unable to accomplish the Best Foot Forwards objective on a continuous basis.
  • The Famela’s Wrath quest may be difficult to finish at times after getting the firer staff from an Arcane Repository.
  • The Abandoned Duties quest chest issue in Mourningdale was handled by introducing a quest-specific chest that only appears when the player is at that place and includes the telescope the player must get.
  • More gators have been added to the Zander the Undying quest.
  • The Elite Chest in Myrkgard is now appropriately obstructer by the relocated Corrupter Portal.
  • The guns have updated to allow access into caverns that have obstructed by fallen debris.
  • PvP missions would not reset whenever players returned to town, however this issue has been rectify.
  • In Corsair’s Rise, I created the rocky environment around the camp.
  • Aethelwynn may have vanished after completing the quest Music to Her Ears, but that issue has resolved.

General Bug Fix

  • Players in obstruction were no longer subject to stamina damage from the AOEs of Flare and Mortar Charge.
  • 10% more HP was add to the player base at all tiers. NOTE: This update was made to make up for the death of the robust town boost.
  • The non-combat 300 INT attribute boost now provides a 25% bonus instead of a 10% benefit, making it substantially more valuable.
  • Players now leave a battle one second after dispatching the final foe.
  • The default combat timeframe now only lasts 10 instead of 20 seconds.
  • If the player becomes fatigued from breaking blocks, they are no longer slow.

New World Season 2  Release date

The New World team has now given gamers a thorough overview of what to anticipate from Season 2 when it launches on July 6, 2023. One of the brand-new tales in Blood of the Sands is The Devourer, one of Brimstone Sands’ earliest mysteries. The leader of the Blood of the Sands tribe, Malek, has come out of hiding to ask for assistance in finding the eggs of these animals.

Learn more about the mysteries of the order and its relationship to Shah-Neshen by travelling with the Silver Crows and the poet Rima. Players can anticipate a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new prizes including cosmetics and consumables in addition to the new story.

New World Season 2 Rewards

You can discover a variety of treats when you open each premium prize chest. One piece of the legendary seasonal armour skin, one standard legendary weapon, and one item of standard jewellery may found in both the premium champion’s chest and the premium welcome chest. Similar chances apply to the Premium Armour, Weapon, and Jewelery Chests as they do to these three awards. They are equivalent as well.

  • Skin from a renowned seasonal piece of armour
  • Seasonal Armour: Skin from rolled-up skin
  • Standard Legendary weapon:
  • Epic-rolled weapons
  • A typical piece of renowned jewellery
  • Stunning rolled jewellery

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