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Genshin Impact Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light Quest Guide


Genshin Impact Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light Quest Guide – The popular open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact provides a wide range of quests that enhance the realistic gaming experience. One of these quests is “Unlock and Raise The Crystal Light,” which gives gamers with a distinctive challenge. To reveal the secrets of the Crystal Light and unleash its power. To assist players in successfully completing this captivating quest and utilising the power of the Crystal Light. We will present a thorough quest guide in this post, complete with step-by-step directions and helpful hints.

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Genshin Impact Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light Quest Guide
Genshin Impact Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light Quest Guide:

At Adventure Rank 25, the quest “Unlock and Raise the Crystal Light” is obtainable by speaking to Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstadt. You must have completed the necessary quests and have attained the suggested Adventure Rank in order to start this quest.

Gamers can find a number of monuments on the Cuijue Slope. You must interact with these statues for them to become active. By following the quest markings, each statue can be located and activated. While you’re doing this, keep an eye out for any potential threats from the surroundings or enemies.

You’ll run into a number of elemental riddles relati to the Crystal Light after the statues are in activation. To solve these puzzles, you must manipulate elemental machinery and apply particular elemental abilities. Pay great attention to the puzzle’s hints, then use the proper elemental reactions to complete it.

Place the Elemental Cores where You Want Them:

Elemental Cores are something you’ll run into when exploring. To unleash the power of the Crystal Light, gather these cores and insert them into the corresponding slots. Be ready for potential difficulties because the cores might be concealing or protected by opponents. Use your battle prowess and elemental powers to get past any barriers in your way.

For the Crystal Light to reach its full potential, the Elemental Cores are necessary. Each core has a corresponding element, giving you special skills and advantages. However, when you look for these cores, be ready to encounter difficulties because they can be buried in difficult-to-reach places or defended by powerful adversaries. Maintain vigilance and overcome any hurdles in your way by using your combat prowess and elemental abilities.

Set the Crystal Light:

Activate the mechanism to raise the Crystal Light once all of the Elemental Cores have been positioned. This will start a cinematic sequence that will advance the quest’s plot and provide more details about the Crystal Light’s function. Enjoy the story as it develops and get ready for the next stage of your trip.

A gentle hum fills the space as the Crystal Light rises and resonates with the power of the Elemental Cores. As the filmic narrative progresses, we see how the Crystal Light’s surface has been engraved with elaborate patterns and ancient symbols that allude to its enigmatic powers. Immerse yourself in this enthralling story and prepare for the obstacles that will stand in your way.


Genshin Impact’s “Unlock and Raise The Crystal Light” mission sends players on an adventure to discover the power of the Crystal Light. Players can travel the Cuijue Slope, activate statues, resolve elemental riddles, gather and put Elemental Cores, and finally raise the Crystal Light by following this thorough mission guide. Players that complete this quest not only get to enjoy an engaging plot but also gain rewards that will be useful for their future explorations. So start this journey, accept the difficulties, and learn the mysteries of the Crystal Light in the captivating universe of Genshin Impact.

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