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Genshin Impact All Joyeux Vouchers Locations Day 2


Genshin Impact All Joyeux Vouchers Locations Day 2 – Popular open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact frequently offers players special rewards and challenging quests during short-lived events. The Joyeux coupons event is one such occasion where gamers can gather unique coupons to trade them for priceless stuff. This post will walk you through each Joyeux Vouchers site on Day 2 of the event, ensuring that you don’t miss any opportunities to earn awards and that you may fully enjoy this joyous occasion.

Genshin Impact All Joyeux Vouchers Locations Day 2
Genshin Impact All Joyeux Vouchers Locations Day 2

Genshin Impact All Joyeux Vouchers Locations Day 2

Location 2 of the Joyeux Voucher – You can glide or walk from the first Joyeux Voucher location to the second one. Which is near the entrance of a wooden home at the end of a bridge.

Genshin Impact’s version 3.8 Collection on Cloud Nine, a limited-time event called Secret Summer Paradise. It features an item to collect called Joyeux Vouchers. Throughout the event, you can get prizes like Ascension materials and Primogems by finding Joyeux Vouchers. The Veluriyam Mirage (Bottleland) is where you can find sufficient vouchers to get a free Kaeya skin.

Genshin Impact is running a limited-time promotion called Joyeux Vouchers that lasts for a few days. Players must find and gather new vouchers that are dispersing. Throughout the game globe every day in order to gain rewards. The exchangeable goods include Primogems, Mora, experience books, and other things. To get the most out of the event’s benefits, it’s crucial to take part every day.


Genshin Impact’s Collection on Cloud Nine event requires you to locate 270 Joyeux Vouchers. But there are actually considerably fewer locations than this since grabbing floating Voucher Boxes actually adds four to your collection.

Given that the other means of obtaining them only award one voucher, these boxes make it the simplest to amass a collection of vouchers. Other ways to obtain Joyeux Vouchers include time trials, interacting with “Something’s off” objects, talking to water drops, and opening Fascinating Chests by completing Choo-Choo cart challenges.

You can get Ascension materials, Mora, and Primogems by accumulating various numbers of Joyeux Vouchers. Also, you can get a new Kaeya skin for nothing by gathering 150 of them.

Monstadt Area

Go to the Angel’s Share pub in Mondstadt and search for a coupon at the door. After obtaining it, travel to the Whispering Woods where a second coupon is concealed close to an abandoned home. Finally, travel to Stormbearer Mountains and look for a coupon close to the teleport waypoint.

Liyue Area

Start in Liyue by going to Wangshu Inn and searching around the teleport waypoint for a coupon. After that, proceed to Qingce Village and search the neighborhood there for another voucher. Finally, proceed to Dunyu Ruins, where a coupon can be found close to the demolished building.

Inazuma Area

Make your way to Narukami Island in the recently added Inazuma region and look around the Grand Narukami Shrine. Find the coupon that is tucked away in the trees close to the shrine. After obtaining it, proceed to Kannazuka Island and look for a further voucher next to the statue at the island’s highest point.

Additional Regions and Advice

Remember that although the majority of the event takes place in the Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma zones, vouchers might also be stashed across Teyvat. To make sure you don’t overlook any vouchers, it’s a good idea to explore well-known cities, landmarks, and other noteworthy spots.


Taking part in Genshin Impact’s Joyeux Vouchers event is a great chance to earn worthwhile rewards. You can maximize your voucher collection and exchange them for Primogems, Mora, experience books, and other valuable items by comprehending the event mechanics, planning your route, and following this guide to locate all the Joyeux Vouchers on Day 2 in various regions like Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. In order to improve your gaming experience, set out on this festive adventure, explore Genshin Impact’s stunning virtual world, and collect all of the Joyeux Vouchers.

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