Genshin Impact Chests and Joyeux Vouchers Puzzle Pavillion of Hermits

Genshin Impact Chests and Joyeux Vouchers Puzzle Pavillion of Hermits – The realistic open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact is well known for its challenging puzzles and buried treasures.

Players can earn substantial gifts from the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits. An intriguing place in the game that offers both chests and Joyeux Vouchers. In this post, we’ll walk you around the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits, showing you where to find chests. Also, Joyeux Vouchers and giving you pointers on how to get the most out of your time there.

Genshin Impact Chests and Joyeux Vouchers Puzzle Pavillion of Hermits
Genshin Impact Chests and Joyeux Vouchers Puzzle Pavillion of Hermits

Genshin Impact Chests and Joyeux Vouchers Puzzle Pavillion of Hermits

An old building from the planet of Genshin Impact is in a remote location. It is in reference with the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits. It has a number of riddles and secret rooms with chests and Joyeux Vouchers in them. Players must navigate the complex maze, solve puzzles, and find hidden switches in order to fully explore and discover its mysteries.

Gamers must either finish a certain task or find the entrance hidden within the game world in order to enter the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits. The entrance can be located nearby the ruins of an abandoned building. Also, by pursuing the indications and cues left all around the area. Interact with it once you’ve found it to enter the Puzzle Pavilion.

Solving Chest Puzzles

You’ll find a variety of puzzles inside the Puzzle Pavilion that stand in front of the chests. To solve each puzzle, keen observation and reasoning are required. To solve the riddles, search the environment for visual cues, patterns, and suggestions. You can access chests with significant gifts, such as Primogems, Mora, improvement materials, and more, by successfully resolving the challenges.

Finding Joyeux Coupons

Look for hidden Joyeux Vouchers as you go through the Puzzle Pavilion. The area is filled with these coupons, which can be located in various rooms, behind closed doors, or in discrete storage spaces. Discover hidden Joyeux Vouchers by observing anomalies in the environment, listening for aural hints, and interacting with objects. During the event, collecting these vouchers will help you access exclusive gifts.

Tips For Completion

  • Show patience: The Puzzle Pavilion is a complicated location, so take your time and look around completely. Examine your surroundings attentively and use your elemental powers to uncover hidden information.
  • Try out various answers: Some riddles may have several answers. Never be afraid to explore and attempt various strategies to get past barriers and move through the pavilion.
  • Coordination with other players is a good idea if you’re having problems figuring out a particular puzzle or finding a secret region. Working together and exchanging ideas can result in innovative solutions to puzzles.
  • Improve your exploration skills: You can significantly improve your ability to move around and interact with the Pavillion Puzzle by levelling up your characters, gaining new skills, and purchasing exploration-focused talents.


Genshin Impact’s Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits provides gamers with a fun and gratifying experience. You can get useful rewards, such as Primogems, Mora, and other improvement materials, by comprehending the pavilion’s workings, solving puzzles to open boxes, and finding hidden Joyeux Vouchers.

To maximize your success in the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits, keep in mind to approach the puzzles with a sharp eye for detail, be patient and persistent in your investigation, and think about working with other players. So explore the mysteries, find lost treasures, and set out on an exciting journey within the Puzzle Pavilion of Hermits created by Genshin Impact.

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