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How To Play NBA 2k23 My Career Offline


NBA 2k23 My Career Offline: NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, a feature from past NBA 2K Games where players could design their own player and build out their careers from there, will be available to gamers.

You can construct an avatar to experience what it’s like to be a basketball athlete if you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself and develop your own career as a professional basketball player. This tutorial will outline the features of NBA 2K23 MyCAREER.

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NBA 2k23 My Career Offline
NBA 2k23 My Career Offline

What Is NBA 2K23 MyCAREER?

NBA 2K23 You can make your own player in the game mode called MyCAREER. Essentially, this is the game’s campaign mode. You can experience a tale in it about the path your MyPLAYER-created avatar takes to become a professional basketball player.

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You’re already familiar with this if you’ve played any NBA 2K games prior to 2K23. The MyCAREER game mode has been altered this time around, though. You can no longer enroll in college or begin at the high school level. Instead, MyCAREER gets right to the point by having you selected by the team of your choice in the draught.

Of course, this sparks a commotion among basketball fans. Many people don’t trust your abilities to play because you’ve already reached your professional career. To establish your worth, you’ll need to win games repeatedly to demonstrate your abilities.

Being the underdog is emphasized this time around. Shep Owens, another NPC who everyone and their mothers wanted to get into the NBA instead of you, is your competition. People are persuaded that you are the incorrect choice everywhere you go. Additionally, you must demonstrate to them that you are not just a mediocre pick. It will be challenging, though, because Shep is constantly in the public eye. Everything you achieve in MyCAREER will require effort on your part.

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER General and Trailblazer:

You’ll have certain story choices that can help develop your character at various moments in your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. These options come in two varieties: General and Trailblazer. The first is laying a foundation and the second is keeping things straightforward. These will also improve your game performance bonuses.

Defense-oriented players will probably choose General because it offers them a better boost to help teammates even more. Conversely, people that want to be aggressive will want to favor Trailblazer because it helps them increase their point total.

The City In MyCAREER:

The City, an open hub where you may explore and engage in a number of activities, is connected to your MyCAREER. You will have the option to increase your avatar’s stats as well as purchase clothing and get tattoos. Similar to the last NBA 2K game, you can explore the map and interact with NPCs to advance the main plot.

There are many things to do in the City, so you’ll spend a lot of time exploring its streets. It is modestly big, with underground train stations serving as hubs of quick mobility.


Everyone in our group plays MyCareer, according to Boenisch. Everyone plays MyCareer, but some people also play MyNBA (the franchise game) and other people also play MyTeam (the ultimate team mode). And we’ve made the proper investments in it.

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