When Does NBA 2k24 Come Out

When Does NBA 2k24 Come Out: NBA 2K24 will be available on October 9, 2022. Michael Jordan will serve as the cover athlete for both the Michael Jordan Edition and the Championship Edition of NBA 2K24, according to 2K Sports, which has announced the game’s release date as October 9, 2022. The WNBA Edition’s cover athletes are Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, while the Standard edition is Devin Booker.

The hype cycle for NBA 2K24 launch by 2K Sports with the publication of the Michael Jordan Edition of the game. This will be His Airness’ fourth appearance on an NBA 2K cover overall, and the first time since NBA 2K16 that Michael Jordan will be the game’s cover athlete.

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When Does NBA 2k24 Come Out

With NBA 2K24, the Jordan Challenge, in which players must recreate 15 significant moments from Michael Jordan’s career, will be back. The original 10 challenges from NBA 2K11 have been increased with five brand-new iconic Jordan moments. The challenges make use of more than ten years’ worth of technological breakthroughs to provide a fresh way to experience Jordan’s victories.

Players can see a variety of mesmerizing performances from Jordan’s collegiate, NBA, and Team USA Basketball careers as part of the Jordan Challenge, which elevates them across all 15 Challenges. Jordan’s friends, teammates, rivals, opponents, and other sports professionals who saw him do it firsthand and can help a new generation of NBA fans comprehend his legacy are featured in exclusive video vignettes with special commentary. More details on The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K24 will be released later this summer.

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The Jordan Challenge is the ideal partner for the new MyNBA Era, which allows players to experience seasons from prior NBA eras complete with accurate coverage, courts, character models, and even TV screen filters. In the 1990s, could you beat Jordan’s Bulls? Can you exceed the dominant Spurs and Pistons of the 2000s with Shaq and Kobe, or the Celtics-Lakers rivalry of the 1980s as a third-place team? In NBA 2K24, all of these “What If” scenarios are playable.

Who is the NBA 2K24 cover star?

The 2K series box athlete continues to hold a very privileged position even though the Madden 23 cover hero receives more attention. Usually, the award is given to multiple players. For NBA 2K24, the Pelicans’ Zion Williamson and the Trail Blazers’ Damien Lillard appeared in the game’s current and previous generations, respectively. After Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter accident, a Kobe Bryant Mamba Forever edition was made in his honour. Last year’s prize money was shared between Candace Parker of the Sky and Luca Doncic of the Mavericks. The first female athlete to appear on a box was Parker.

There are four cover stars this year. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is the face of both the Michael Jordan Edition and the Championship Edition. Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, two female legends, are shown on the WNBA Edition box for the game that is available only through Gamestop. A current favorite, Devin Booker, performs on the Digital Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition.

What new NBA 2K24 features are there?

For NBA 2K24, Visual Concepts focused on two areas in particular. The first involves a number of control and AI adjustments that give every player build a more realistic feel. The second reason is greater accessibility across the entire game.” “2K Basketball has never really veered from the premise that you can play the game with just two buttons,” claims gameplay director Mike Wang. Throughout the entire time, I’ve worked for the company—which is a very long time—that hasn’t changed.”


No hints have been found that a similar piece of technology will be add to an upcoming patch for NBA 2K24. However, Visual Concepts will likely need to pay special attention to it going forward if EA’s roster of rival games is successful. As a result, cross-play might be present in NBA 2K25.

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