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How to Go Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin


How to go to Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin: The Labyrinth Forest is one of the most vexing maps in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Aside from the dispersed teleportation portals and jumbled maps, the map’s fragmentation into multiple small sections makes navigation difficult.

How to go to Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin
How to go to Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin

Having a guide or memorizing the portals on this map will let you hunt down the MINI and MVP bosses with ease.

As requested by our readers, here is the Labyrinth Forest map guide.

Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin

Using teleportation rather than obstacles, a labyrinth is a maze. making it more unique and confusing for the players. But don’t worry, our guide to the Labyrinth Forest in Ragnarok Origin has you covered. You will become familiar with every portal you will need to use from Labyrinth Forest 1’s beginning to Labyrinth Forest 2’s conclusion.

Forest’s labyrinth is unlike your typical labyrinth, with many walls and tunnels. Each of the system’s little islands has a few teleports.

Despite the fact that they don’t appear to have a system, the teleports in the Labyrinth Forest do, and if you figure them out, you can travel anywhere. In this part, we’ll walk you through the process of getting from your starting point to the F2 exit. If you carefully follow our directions, you will be able to complete this labyrinth in no time.

For your convenience, we’ll begin by outlining the positioning of the islands within the Labyrinth Forest F1. Although the main entrance to Labyrinth Forest F2 is on island numbered 3, you begin on island number 14 when you enter Labyrinth Forest F1.

How to go to Labyrinth Forest Ragnarok Origin

To observe and understand the Labyrinth Forest map, you can use your flying prowess. But not everybody has the talent. Aerial map comprehension is not a skill that everyone possesses. We are discussing land guidance since it is beneficial to everyone. Let’s get started with the instructions without wasting any time.

  • Go to the left teleport to reach island 6 from your first island, number 14.
  • Using the bottom teleport will transport you to Island 4 from Island 6.
  • Simply return via the portal you first came from when you are on Island 4 to reach Island 9.
  • When on Island 9, use the teleport at the bottom to get to Island 15.
  • You may teleport to Island 5 from Island 15 by using the teleport on your right.
  • To get to Island 10, go to the highest teleport on Island 5.
  • Once reaching island 10, return to island 2 using the same portal you came through.
  • When you return to island 2, utilize the same portal you came from to get to island 3.
  • When you get on island 3, use the teleport on the left to get to Labyrinth Forest 2.

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