The Best Ragnarok Origin Archer Build

Ragnarok Origin Archer Build: The third archer class, known as the sniper, specialises in accurate shooting and long-range strikes.

If you’re seeking for the greatest Sniper build in Ragnarok Origin and you recently begun this task. Then you are on the appropriate page. It is essential to choose the optimum mixture right away. therefore saving you time and resources. Without further ado, let’s find out more about the build.

So, noble hero, you’ve decided to take a position as an Archer in Ragnarok Origin? One of the more potent classes available, it’s a great option for both solo and group gamers. After deciding on your function, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to best distribute your points and improve your numbers. To get some incredibly useful insights and advice on how to create the strongest possible Ragnarok Origin Archer, keep reading!

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Ragnarok Origin Archer Build
Ragnarok Origin Archer Build

additional 60 stats. Physical damage mitigation, magical damage reduction, HP recovery, and maximum HP are all increased by this state. Although snipers are proficient at dealing out ranged damage, their defence is still a weakness, making this condition essential for both security and power.

Their labour uses up lots of HP. It is also helpful in certain circumstances. + 90 Stats. Both melee characters and classes that use ranged weapons need this power. As a result, the hit rate, attack %, bonus for ASPD, and skill casting time all rise.

How to Build an Excellent Archer in Ragnarok Origin:

Since you’ve finished the tutorial and gained a few fundamental adventurer skills, you should be level 10 and prepared to select your class. This is a huge issue, and your choice will mostly depend on your particular preferences for group or solo play (or both!)

Your concentration will probably be primarily on solo play if you have picked the Archer as your initial job, although you would also make a good support teammate. The archer’s skills include accuracy and dexterity. They may support a team well by shooting arrows from a distance or moving quickly to evade attacks.

For a class like the Archer, which has a ranged DPS, some stats are useless. Although VIT may be good for the maximum HP boost, it is not what we would advise focusing on. STR and INT are for combat and magic heroes.

An Archer should allocate their attribute points to DEX, LUK, and AGI instead. With the help of this stat distribution, you may create an extremely powerful Archer (base level 10), followed by a Hunter as a secondary profession (base level 40), and a Sniper as a third and final career (base level 70).

All Ragnarok Origin available stats:

You will earn attribute points as you play and level up, which you can then use to boost your stats. However, it is advised that you concentrate on bolstering stats particular to your class rather than allocating your points to every attribute on the board. grind for EXP until your Combat Time is up.

As your character would be worn out after hours of grinding, but still able to complete some side quests, this might be done before beginning some of the questing. Visit our beginner’s guide, which is packed with useful advice, if you still need some assistance understanding how to play and advance in Ragnarok Origin.

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