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The Best Guide Ragnarok Origin Guild League


Ragnarok Origin Guild League: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Ragnarok Origin’s (ROO) several in-game currency options.

Like any healthy MMORPG setting, ROO’s economy is fueled by a variety of currencies that are essential to improving everyone’s gaming experience. In order for you to get the most out of your time in the captivating world of ROO, we strive to provide you a thorough explanation of each currency’s function, where to find it, and effective usage techniques in this post.

A premium in-game currency called Nyan Berry is largely obtained by topping up with real money. Nyan Berries are available as rewards from numerous events, however the supply is usually just a certain amount. You can buy a variety of products from the Nyan Berry Shop using this cash.

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ragnarok origin guild league
ragnarok origin guild league

For the first time, the origin of the guild league Ragnarok is discussed in this article. To participate in the guild league, you must be level 40 or higher. Only the party mode is available for this Guild League Ragnarok Origin. The league will be played from 8:55 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. on the following days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It practically leaks for only 25 minutes.

Guild League Ragnarok Origin: How to Play?

When you first enter the game, a notice describing the rank regulations, match rules, and gameplay will be visible on the screen. Additionally, the battlefield laws, abilities, and skills that the guild leaders employed in the guild league’s Ragnarok origin to fulfil tasks and win rewards.

Once a guild has 40 members or more, it becomes eligible to join the Guild League Ragnarok origin. The matches will automatically enrol all qualified guilds. When the league matches first start, the guild will be rank according to their entire trip in a number of categories. Each tier includes up to 8 guilds. The advantages improve as rank increases.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the guild league Ragnarok Origin is open from 8:55 to 920 for three rounds. Guilds in the same rank may go up or down in the rankings based on the results of the three rounds. The top two guilds will be promote to the next tier in the coming week, while the bottom two guilds will be drop to a lesser rank.

 Types of Battlefields:

Each guild’s commandos, vice-guild master, and guild master can personally point 40 elites. Touch the “view elites” button on the screen to look through the specifics of their data. Please remind them to arrive at their scheduled time. Each match’s result will be influence by what happens on the main battlefield.

There are two different types of gaming: playing on tablets and killing monsters. The key gameplay feature of the secondary battlefield is killing monsters to grant buffs and unique skills to players on the main battlefield.

There are three tablets on the main battleground. The profession of each tablet will be determine by the number of members of each guild nearby. As soon as a tablet is occupied, it deals 50 damage to the opposing guild and keeps doing so while it is occupied, dealing 10 damage every 10 seconds.

A tablet has a 30-second lockdown window after use during which it cannot be use again. At 10 minutes and 15 minutes into the game, there are three locations where monsters can be on the battlefield. At 15 minutes, a large monster will also spawn. The final blow determines whether a monster is kill.

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