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Ragnarok Origin Wizard Leveling Guide


Ragnarok Origin Wizard Leveling Guide: In this article will give you the level-up guide for the high wizard in Ragnarok Origin. For a better knowledge of the game, the participants should adhere.

Ragnarok Origin Wizard Leveling Guide

Level-up a guide from level 1 to level 80.

Day -1 (Ragnarok origin leveling-up Guide)

On your first day just complete all the main quests. Follow all the instructions, all the tutorials, and then at level 30. Also, you will start to notice the green icon beside your HP. It is on the top left corner of the desktop display. The icon is the combat time or the battle time of the game. Every day you can use 120 minutes or 2 hours to gain experience for your character. You no longer take any quests we suggest you hunt mandragora and unit at least level 6 of the fireball.

Ragnarok Origin Wizard Leveling Guide
Ragnarok Origin Wizard Leveling Guide

What gamers will like about the wizard is that they have huge AOE skills, and you should take advantage of it. It will help the players in Ragnarok Origin level up.

Day -2 (Ragnarok origin leveling-up Guide)

On day two you can finally change jobs to the wizard, and we suggest that you hunt Muka. You can also hunt wolves as long as you can kill them without having any problems.

After you consume the battle time, we suggest that you start hunting Rotar Zairo by using Freya’s luck. When you activated you cannot obtain XP, but you can obtain the item drop of the monster that you’re hunting. Also, that’s the material accessories or the card by killing.

Rotar Cairo you can obtain the required material for level 50 thorn staff. Also, another thing Rotar Zairo is a level 55 monster. The movie suggests that you have a party that will also hunt Rotar Zairo.

For armors, we suggest that apprentice wizard set. Also, partner it with a hood and buckler. Buckler is the most important item in this guide, and you will know what we mean in the later part of this article.

Flora Grind

When you reach level 45 you can also hunt flora even it’s a level 60 monster. But you need a level 10 meteor storm. Another thing as long as it’s not 16 levels higher than the current level you can hunt that monster. If you are hunting any monster 11 to 15 levels higher than your current level you can only get 100 XP. But if you honey monsters that are 1 to 10 levels higher than your current level you can get 110 XP.

At level 55 you can unlock the quest for Beru’s core and try to obtain the poison swamp core or the core of the quagmire. When you use the quagmire skill it will only have a debuff while you equip poison swamp core it will have additional damage.

Level 55-65 Veteran Grind

Why the Quagmire core is important is it will lead us to learn about the veteran way on how a high wizard using this combo can have the skill of passive lure effect.

This is the reason why a player is expected to make Buckler because it has a 5% chance of automatically causing Kyrie Ellison. With enough practice, a player can complete this quest.

Level 60 to 65 veteran grind is similar to the above one. Only the spot changes which is at Payon.

Level 70- 80 Veteran Grind

For level 70 you need to pick up the Thorn Staff weapon. At level 70 you can finally change job to high wizard, and you should also have your level 70 weapon Thorn staff.

Proceed to the next grinding spot and which will be on the second floor of Geffen Tower. You can also choose the spot on the Geffen Field, but you need to have a level 10 stone hedge.

After Grinding focus on the next material needed which is the Sprint set. It is for the level 80 recommendation.

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