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Ragnarok Origin Hunter Falcon Build


Ragnarok Origin Hunter Falcon Build: In Ragnarok Origin, you should aim to create a ranged character with a startling strong attack and great range.

A fighter that can generate tremendous damage from several sources quickly while staying away from danger. You can use your potent ranged abilities while also relying on your Falcon companion to deal damage if you choose the Sniper subclass of the Archer class.

When you thoroughly immerse yourself in this build, you’ll discover that you can accomplish all of the aforementioned tasks without encountering too many difficulties. To apply it properly, though, you must first delve deep and comprehend the build from the inside out. Explore our article to become.

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Ragnarok Origin hunter falcon Build
Ragnarok Origin hunter falcon Build

Due to its connections to the enduringly popular Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin has become a major hit on mobile devices. Players can select from six distinct core Classes (referred to as Jobs), each of which has its own promotion classes that can significantly change.

To fully utilise the potential of your character and successfully complete both endgame activities and the crucial level grind, it is imperative to select the optimum build for your chosen Job/Class. This guide explains the ideal builds for each Class in Ragnarok Origin, along with the stats to emphasise and skills to master in order to rule the realm of Midgard and beyond.

Ragnarok Origin Hunter Falcon:

Stats must be consulted before we begin the skill construction for the sniper. Every Sniper should, in general, allocate their stat points among LUK, AGI, and DEX, according to our opinion. The main categories that should receive more points are AGI and DEX, but some of your points should also go to LUK.

a non-active ability that grants you the assistance of a fighting Falcon companion. In virtually any Hunter setup, acquiring this talent is worthwhile because it only costs one point to obtain the falcon. a passive skill that increases your damage against insects and brutes by 20% and against all other enemies by 10%. Excellent for grinding, especially if you use Brutes or Insects to target zones.

Both passive and active elements are present in this Falcon talent. The Falcon may dive at up to 10 foes when you unleash it, doing significant damage (bonuses from the Steel Crow talent). It grants your Normal Attack a 5% chance, when used passively, to activate the current skill. This possibility is increased by 1% for every 3 points of LUK.

Sniper Skill Build:

By sending your Falcon diving and marking the target when you activate Sonic Blast, you cause it to lose 16% of its Defence. The dive deals 120% damage plus damage from a Blitz Beat. For every three Blitz Beats triggered, this skill passively sends forth a preset Sonic Blast. Marks the target and for two minutes raises your six primary characteristics by 5.

Your CRI by 10, your primary weapon’s ATK by 20%, and your CRI.DAM by 10%. Excellent to employ at the beginning of a boss battle. Passive ability that raises your physical ATK by 100 and your consumable arrows’ damage by 15%. a passive is added to your Falcon. The likelihood that it will deal a Critical hit to a unit grows with each attack it makes.

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