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Ragnarok Origin Enchant Transfer System


Ragnarok Origin Enchant Transfer: Your once-valuable gear in Ragnarok Origin (ROO) will eventually become obsolete and insufficient for your character’s current level as you advance.

You may have invested a lot of resources to refine your older gear to a maximum level of +5, or to the refine cap. Therefore, it makes sense to wonder if you can apply that carefully earned refine level to your new gear when you buy it. Thankfully, this procedure is not only feasible but also rather easy.

Visit our comprehensive guide to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love’s items and enchantment missions. For those who don’t know, one of the finest ways to enhance your in-game stuff is through enchantments.

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Ragnarok Origin Enchant Transfer
Ragnarok Origin Enchant Transfer

Enchantments add additional characteristics to your things and, depending on their degree, can significantly improve your gear. High level players that have some money to invest should consider this choice because, depending on your luck, an appropriate spell can be rather pricey. The whole Ragnarok Mobile enchanting guide is provided here.

How do enchantments work?

You must travel to the area north of Geffen and chat with the NPC Cat Friend (circled on the above map), who presents you with three options: Basic enchantments: accessible from level 40 onwards. They provide two more characteristics (with a slight chance of providing three).

The average cost is 5000 Zenys, however some things can cost up to 10,000 Zenys. Enchantments of the intermediate level can be obtained at level 40 and after finishing a quest. They always provide three additional, superior traits above what is provided by basic enchantments. Depending on the equipment, they can cost anywhere from 5,000 and 20,000 zen in addition to Mora Coins, Oracle Dust, or Oracle Crystal.

available after completing a quest and at level 70. They also provide 3 additional characteristics that are higher than those of intermediate enchantments (with a tiny chance of providing 4). Although the cost of these enchantments varies greatly, they are significantly more expensive than intermediate enchantments. Each enchantment grants the object it is applied to a different set of optional qualities. Simply click the “i” button on the enchanting screen to learn what traits are available to you.

how to get the fourth enchantment?

The fourth enchantment, which is provided by advanced enchantments, is incredibly difficult to acquire yet is worth many million zenys for your equipment. The mix of traits you have acquired through enchantments determines the additional benefit that the fourth enchantment adds.

You must use Mora Coins to buy intermediate or advanced enchantments. The same NPC Cat Friend will sell you this unique coin in return for the Proof of Friendship item. 10 Friendship Tests are equal to 1 Mora Coin. Keep in mind that the players you are assisting must be in the same group (party) as you. Additionally, you must finish your own tasks and slots before assisting other people. Mora Coin can also be purchased.

Talk to Equipment Assistant:

Find the NPC Equipment Assistant or Equipment Master at the Equipment Shop before attempting to transfer the refine level of your equipment. This NPC is close to the “Refine NPC” in Hollgrehenn.

The NPC must be spoken to in order to activate the Refine Transfer window. Select the item with the refining level you want to transfer in the Equipment Transfer box. You should be replacing this with newer, higher-quality equipment. Next, decide which new piece of equipment you want to transfer the refine level to. You should be looking to refine a higher-level item that you recently acquired.

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