The Best Ragnarok Origin Global Mage Build Guide

Ragnarok Origin Global Mage Build: In Ragnarok Origin, daring explorers who are lured to magic should select the Mage role.

The Mage is a good option for seasoned players because of its powerful assaults but weak protection. After deciding on your function, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to best distribute your points and improve your numbers. To get some incredibly useful insights and advice on how to become the greatest possible Ragnarok Origin Mage, keep reading!

One of Ragnarok Origin’s top physical DPS classes is the thief. You know, his strongest skills go beyond those of the Swordsman and Archer classes! It is advised against using the Thief class while starting out because of how challenging it is to use.

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Ragnarok Origin Global mage build
Ragnarok Origin Global mage build

You need to locate a book called “the Book of Ymir” at “Sage Castle,” Juno, if you want to become a High Wizard. The book will direct you to Valhalla, where you can interact with the High Wizard Job NPC to change jobs.

Moreover, you must become a Transcendent 1st class character at least Job Level 40. Huawei customers can go to the pre-registration page at and click the join/register button to pre-register for Ragnarok Origin.

How to Develop a Great Mage in Ragnarok Origins:

You should be level 10 and prepared to select your class now that you’ve finished the tutorial and gained some fundamental explorer skills. This is a major issue, and your choice will mostly depend on your particular preferences for solo or group play (or both!)

It is probable that you will be concentrating primarily on team play if you have decided to start out as the intelligent and powerful Mage. The Mage enjoys helping the squad out with strong strikes, but he or she also has to be able to retreat and take a break. They are effective in battle but require assistance in defence.

Choose carefully where to invest your Attribute Points. A class like the Mage tends to stay out of the fray, therefore some stats are useless. Although VIT may be handy for the maximum HP boost, it is not what we would advise investing the majority of the points on. STR is mostly for frontline melee characters.

A Mage should allocate their attribute points to DEX, INT, and AGI instead. This stat distribution will assist you in creating a powerful Mage (base level 10), a Wizard (base level 40), a High Wizard, and a High Wizard as the character’s final and most powerful job (base level 70).

All Ragnarok Origin available stats:

As you play and level up, you will earn attribute points that you may use to boost your stats. Nonetheless, it is advised to concentrate on bolstering stats particular to your class rather than allocating your points to every attribute on the board.

They are masters of the elements and have the ability to create magics like fire, ice, and lightning out of thin air. A Mage must, however, cast the appropriate spell on the monster’s element because of the elemental nature of things. capable of inflicting respectable harm.

According to what we could discern from our own gameplay, there is no post-credits sequence that is only accessible to those who complete everything, no equipment unlocks, no more content becomes available, and no Trophy is awarded.

The enormous degree of flexibility that Ragnarok Online gives its users, in both previous and current iterations, is probably what draws people to it the most. RO allows you to investigate options that seem limitless, beginning with the character creation and continuing through gameplay.

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