Ragnarok Origin Response Error How to Fix

Ragnarok Origin Response Error: Ragnarok Origin is the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online’s mobile version, allowing users to travel through a vast fantasy world filled with monsters & heroic figures.

Ragnarok Origin Response Error How to Fix
Ragnarok Origin Response Error How to Fix

Due to a “response error” that appears when the game first launches, some players were unable to play it despite its widespread popularity.

How to Fix Ragnarok Origin Response Error

Many players have claimed that after beginning the game, they are forced to click the Confirm button due to a response issue. You may feel stuck since the mistake persists even after you click the button.

Check Internet Connection

Your device will encounter connectivity issues when attempting to connect to the game’s server if your internet connection is unstable or poor. Make sure you’re connected to a quick and stable Wi-Fi connection or else you can have issues like the No Response error. You can additionally try activating Mobile Data if the Wi-Fi in the area is sluggish to see if the issue continues.

The issue is most likely with the game’s server if your internet connection is working properly. Visit this page to see the Ragnarok Origin servers’ current status. It will display whether or not the internet connection is up and operating as well as whether or not users have recently reported any issues. If the graph indicates a significant jump, the system is either offline or requiring maintenance. Start the game when the servers have returned to service.

Restart The Game 

The first thing you should do is make sure the game is up to date and that there are no updates available in the Google Play Store. You may expect any new patch or update to address any bugs or issues you’re currently having with the game.

Search for “Ragnarok Origin” on the Google Play Store by opening it. If an update button is present, select the first result by clicking it. Restarting the game when the update is finished will allow you to verify that the issue has been fixed.

Clear Game Data

Sometimes game files become old or incorrect, resulting in issues such as the response error. You may usually solve any issues with Ragnarok Origin by cleaning the cache or data. Scroll down in your smartphone’s Settings app to find the Manage Apps option.

Look for Ragnarok Origin, select it, navigate to the storage menu, and then pick the Clear App Data option. This will delete all of the game’s app data and, most likely, cure the Response problem you were experiencing.

Using A Different Server

Users of Ragnarok Origin have the choice of connecting to multiple servers spread out all around the world. You can change servers once you’ve cleared the first page by click on the server’s name located above the “Start Game” button. After selecting a server from the list, press the “Start Game” button.

The game will prompt you to choose between continuing on the suggested server or sticking with your original choice. The game will launch if your connection is stable while you continue to enter to try the new server.

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