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Mobile Legends 515 Event 2024, Rewards and More


Mobile Legends 515 Event 2024: The Mobile Legends 515 M-World event offers prizes including free skins, new skins for fan favourites, and exclusive deals.

The annual 515 events for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have been held on May 15 for the past three years, and this year’s 515 M-World, with the theme “We Better Than Me,” is a continuation of those activities.

The 515 Carnival Party, a popularity competition where players can win promo diamonds by selecting a 515 skin as their avatar, completing event objectives, and enlisting the assistance of their friends and squad.

Moonton Games is offering some fresh and interesting features in the upcoming year with the commencement of a new calendar year. The largest Mobile Legends competition will begin in the first month of 2024.

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Mobile Legends 515 Event 2024
Mobile Legends 515 Event 2024

Additionally, a new way for obtaining ranking skins has been introduced. With brand-new and intriguing incentives, the game is introducing the new Starlight Pass. Everything we currently know about the Mobile Legends January 2024 leaks will be included in this post.

Players who purchase the January Starlight Pass will receive the Aamon Cyber Assasin skin. The higher-ranked lobbies have a moderately high pick rate for Aamon. Aamon may now be classified as a mid-tier tank in the game. Additionally, gamers have a choice of five skins, including Aamon’s Cyber Assassin.

Mobile Legends 515 Event 2024 Rewards:

Players will receive a limited-edition religious statue for Aamon as part of the January 2024 Starlight Pass Reward. Players who purchase the Starlight Pass in January 2024 will receive a painted skin for the Yin-Sun-Shin skin known as the “War General,” which is exclusive.

Players must be aware that this skin is paint. Players must thus own the original skin in order to utilise this.Players will also receive an Aamon “Cyber Assassin” Battle Emote, which is only available to those who purchase the Starlight Pass in January 2024.

Shadow Knight Leomord Skin Leaks indicate that on January 9, 2024, Mobile Legends will host a draw event to introduce Shadow Knight Leomord Skins. The Forseer Esmeralda skin will also made available as a part of the same draw.

King of Fighters skins: In January, Mobile Legends will host its King of Fighters draw event once more. 515 Rafaela skin event The 515 event, which is regarded as one of the most significant occasions in MLBB, will briefly return each year with a new skin for Rafaela.

Knight’s Arrival event:

On January 8th, 2024, the Knight’s Arrival event will debut in Mobile Legends along with the Shadow Knight Leomord skin. On the first 10 draws, players can receive a prize that is perpetually guarante. By completing activities, players must collect badges, which they must then exchange for a variety of additional goodies.

On December 31, the Aspirant Free Token event will debut in Mobile Legends. The tokens they get from it can be redeem by players by completing specific objectives in exchange for thrilling rewards.

Mobile Legends will feature the skins from the King of Fighters (KoF) event once more. This event will feature all of the KoF skins.

From this 515 event, players will be able to get a free prize for the Rafaela skin. Additionally, there will be promotional diamonds available at the event through March. Through this event, Hanabi’s 515 skin will also be accessible.

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