Pixel Piece Island Guide

Pixel Piece Island Guide: The Roblox Pixel Piece system was produced by WorldUp Studios. In this game, you’ll create a character from the One Piece anime and manga.

Take part in various missions, raids, and dungeons as you sail the seas in pursuit of adventure. Look for powerful Devil Fruits that can endow you with abilities you can use to combat enemies. We have a map that will guide you to your destination if you require one.

You can find some freebies on our Pixel Piece Codes page if you’re in need of some. Additionally, we have posts on how to obtain 1SS, Black Leg, and Geppo, the Fruit Tier List, and the Pixel Piece Trello Pixel Piece Island Guide.

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Pixel Piece Island Guide

The map has been enlarged, which should improve legibility. Being able to reach some locations will take considerably longer than you anticipate due to the size of the aquatic region in the game.

The location of Beast Island is best considered to be northeast of Central Port. Once we have additional information, we’ll update with a more precise position.

Pixel Piece Map Guide:

If you don’t already have a boat, you merely need to visit a store on an island. When you enter, you should find a boat of some kind that is for sale. By interacting with it, you can utilise in-game currency to make purchases. You can also purchase the Smoke Cycle or Striker Boat Gamepasses to obtain a much stronger one.

To spawn your boat, go to the pier on any island and chat with the Ship Spawn NPC. Then, for 25 Gold, you can pay for your boat to spawn into the water.

Wherever you locate them, make sure to buy Log Pose merchandise from stores. These will enable you to equip the item to your hotbar and will display the precise location of the island. This is incredibly useful because the ocean’s size makes it simple to become lost.

Shells Town:

You must be level 15 or higher to unlock this section of the map. The Marines are the adversaries in this location, and they are all armed with cutlass swords. Watch out for Starter Marines that are level 15 or higher and then Sword Marines that are level 30 or higher. Axe Hand Morgan, a level 40+ boss, is the main enemy in this area of the map.

Syrup Village:

To enter Syrup Village, your character must be level 70 or higher. The trainers you’ll run into here go by the names Geppo Trainer and Sword Style Trainer. As you explore the hamlet, you’ll come across a number of enemies, such as Booster Bandits, Strong Nuro Bandits, Nuro Bandits, and the Nuro Pirate.

For this region to be unlocked, you must be level 70 or higher.  On this island, you can acquire the Haki talent! You must first speak with the Haki Trainer and then battle the Ancient Gorilla Boss in order to receive Haki.

Orange Town:

You must be at least level 35 to explore this area. In Orange Town, you’ll run against Captain Puggy, the Puggy Pirates, and Kabaji. You must be level 110 or higher to access Shark Park.

You must exercise caution in this area because there are several Orling Bandits throughout the entire area. You may study the Black-Leg Fighting Style at Baratie! You must speak with Sandro, the Black Leg Trainer, in order to unlock this skill.

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