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New Rank List in BGMI 3.0 ! Complete Details


New Rank List in BGMI 3.0: Some players do not know what is BGMI rank list. BGMI Rank List is the player’s tier which we know the player’s skill and the player’s grade. The BGMI Rank list is starting from the lowest rank to the highest rank. Firstly we start Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator, and Conqueror. That is the BGMI rank list.

BGMI Rank List
BGMI Tier List

Let me tell you the BGMI Rank list

Bronze Rank

The Bronze Rank is the lowest in BGMI. The player is starting first-time to play BGMI. There is no one-match play. Then the player plays some matches. Then their rank is growing up. The bronze V points are 1000-1300, bronze IV points are 1300-1400, bronze III points are 1400-1500, bronze II points are 1500-1600, and bronze I points are 1600-1700.

BGMI tier List
BGMI Tier List

Silver Rank

The Silver Rank is higher than the Bronze rank. There are five tiers Silver V to Silver I. The Silver V points are 1700-1800, silver IV points are 1800-1900, silver III points are 1900-2000, silver II points are 2000-2100, and silver I points are 2100-2200. The players are playing some matches. Then they rank up in BGMI. There are fewer bots are still present in the matches. The player plays quickly plays BGMI matches. Most players can push their ranks quickly.

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BGMI tier List
BGMI tier List Siver

Gold Rank

The Gold Rank is higher than the Silver rank. There are five tiers Gold V to Gold I, in BGMI. The Gold V points are 2200-2300, gold IV points are 2300-2400, gold III points are 2400-2500, gold II points are 2500-2600, and gold I points are 2600-2700. The experience of playing is players are good, and the player knows the basics of BGMI. This rank is a little bit of practice. Players can push their ranks quickly.

BGMI tier List Gold

Platinum Rank

The Platinum Rank comes after the Gold rank. There are five tiers Platinum V to Platinum I. The Platinum V points are 2700-2800, platinum IV points are 2800-2900, platinum III points are 2900-3000, Platinum II points are 3000-3100, and Platinum I points are 3100-3200. The players play the matches, and the players have mastered the basics and are good at playing the game. In these matches, the number of bots is less than the gold tier, and the players who play difficult matches to win. The players are playing safely, then the players are ranked up, and when the player does not play safely, the player loses games early, and the player rand down.

BGMI tier List
BGMI Tier List

Diamond Rank

The Diamond Rank is higher than the Platinum. There are five tiers Diamond V to Diamond I. The Diamond Rank V points are 3200-3300, Diamond IV points are 3300-3400, Diamond III points are 3400-3500, Diamond II points are 3500-3600, and Diamond I points are 3600-3700. The players are mastered basic games, and their skills of players are good. The players in the matches are full of challenge and competition. Players in this tier are experienced in the games. The players are mistakes then the opponents are killed.

Crown Rank

The Crown Rank comes after the Diamond Rank. There are five tiers Crown V to Crown I. The Crown Rank V points are 3700-3800, crown IV points are 3800-3900, crown III points are 3900-4000, crown II points are 4000-4100, and crown I points are 4100-4200. The players are mastered in basics and comprise players. Then the player’s gameplay is excellent then the player has defeated the opponent players. They know. that the skills and which gum is best that the player are grated gameplay. The players are skilled at aiming, and looting, and making good strategies. The gameplay is excellent. The player who plays and regularly practices then the player rises to the tier.

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Ace Rank

The Ace Rank second-highest rank. There are no five-tier tiers like the other ranks. The rank has three levels Ace, Ace Master, and Ace Dominator. The Ace Rank points are 4200-4700. The Ace Master Rank point is 4700-5200. Ace Dominator Rank points are 5200, and there are no confirmed. In this tier, the players are highly experienced playing the same tier players. The player knows which type of loot we need. The players are higher experience and aiming is very good. The player is skilled in making strategies that match in their favor. In this tier, players are playing safely. Then the rank is safe.


Conqueror Rank

The Conqueror Rank is the highest in BGMI. They do not have five tiers. There are only the top 500 players are in the Conqueror rank. There we need first to reach Ace Dominator. We need to try to collect more and many positive points as possible to get Conqueror. In this rank, professional players are in the conqueror tier. The players are a high experience than the players in the top 500 players. In this tier, players are competing in professional tournaments.


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