How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card

How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card: There is no way you can change your Username in BGMI without the name changing card.

However, there are many alternate methods to Change the name in BGMI without renaming the Card or UC. Here we were going to discuss some of those.

BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game In India. The game is developed and published by Krafton, a South Korean company that develops and distributes video games.

BGMI made is exclusively made for Indian users after PUBG got ban. BGMI game was released on 2 July 2021 for Android devices and 18 August 2021 for iOS devices.

How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card
How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card

Importance of Name in BGMI

The first factor new BGMI or PUBG gamers appearance to do is to create a standout name. PUBG names can deliver your characters a few meanings, or they could mirror your online non-public.

Every participant must have a top-notch username representing themselves on the internet that’s customized based totally on their options. Some love it simple, but others can choose it to be fashionable.

This is especially crucial in case you are planning on getting your game changed. Otherwise, you are becoming a streamer or pro player.

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Methods to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card

There is few ways to change a name in BGMI without purchasing Uc or wasting UC on rename card. Here, we discuss some of them.

  1. By Stop Playing BGMI for one month:

This step of change the name in BGMI is hard. You have to stop play BGMI for one month. After that, when you open PUBG after one month, you will get rename options from which you can change your name without wasting Uc or without purchasing it. You will also get some rewards like everyday outfits or skin.

By purchasing through the shop option, you can’t change your Username without any rename card, but if you wanted to change your BGMI Username to buy it through the shop option on your main menu by BP Coins that you’ve earned.

How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card
Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card
  • With the help of the Crew Challenge

With the help of the Crew Challenge, you can win unlimited rename cards. Not only a rename card, but you can also earn many rewards, gifts, skins and BGMI up for free.

For this, you will need to participate in the crew challenge. Will try to get up to 300 points in every match. Do as much medicine, medical care, healings as you can, revive your teammates and try to get into the Top 10.

  • Use VPN for Change name in BGMI

  • Firstly Download FAMOUS VPN from Google Play Store.
  • Wait till Installation
  • After Installing Complete, Open it.
  •  Connect it to Free Server UK.
  • Open BGMI and tap on settings.
  • Now Change your country/region to the UK.
  • Go to the events section in BGMI.
  • Few Events in BGMI offers free Rename cards; you can get a free rename card if you are lucky.

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  • By Completing Crew Challenges

  • Open BGMI
  • Then click on the Crew Challenge.
  • Click on Shop.
  • Rename Card will appear on your screen
  • You can buy
  • Rename Card from crew challenge points.
  • Two hundred points will be The price for the free rename card.
  • By Reaching level 1 to 10

This is the easiest way to get a rename card. You have to complete in-game matches daily. And as your level will go from level 1 to level 10. BGMI will gift you a rename card which will be available for free. If you have a new account or a new player, you will get a rename card after completing ten levels.

  • Make a New Account on BGMI. 
  • Reached level 10 from that account.
  • After arriving at level 10, go to the rewards section.
  • Click on collect rewards.
  • You will credit with a free rename card.

FAQ About How to Change Name in BGMI without Rename Card

What is Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

A rename card is an id card under which we give literacy to change the player’s name. Rename card, clan rename card All these cards are used to change the name.

Where do we Get Rename Card in PUBG?

To get the rename card, you can participate in a new challenge in the events section, where you can get the rename card by completing missions with teammates. Apart from this, you can also buy an ID card from the shop through crew challenge and bonus challenge.

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