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Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note


Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note: Smite is a free-to-play action MOBA with legendary mythical emblems that lets you become godlike. Choose from over 100 playable Gods to wield Thor’s hammer, turn your enemies into stone like Medusa, or demonstrate your heavenly might. Smite offers something for everyone, regardless of skill level!

Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note
Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re new to Smite . Discover the fundamentals of the game, the Gods, and the many game types by browsing through the pages that follow. Then, join over 35 million people in celebrating our community. This here is the article guide to Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note, Know more about Please visit Official Panda.

Smite Season 11 Patch Notes:

Conquest is the most expansive of the several game modes available in Smite There are five play options available to players: Training, Custom, Co-Op, Normal, and Ranked. From there, players have a selection of common game types to pick from. Special event games are frequently released with exclusive rules, such as limitless gold.

Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note
Smite Season 11 Patch Notes : Year 11 Full Patch Note

Smite Season 11 Bug Fixes:

  • It has been rectified that some item and ability procs, such Death’s Toll, Bumba’s Hammer, Nu Wa’s Passive, etc., cannot proc off of totems. Please report any more that you come across!
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Horus to trap friendly minions in base, specifically in Arena settings.
  • The voice lines for “Enemies Incoming” have been fixed.
  • resolved a problem where Charon’s Damnation ability was not being applied correctly by Anti-Shield.
  • Resolved a problem where his Barbarian Barrage’s sound effect would last far longer compared to the ability’s duration.
  • Enchanted Trinket was giving out the wrong number of stats before this problem was fixed.

Game Mode Smite Season 11 

  • A Celestial Comet will appear on a lane and fall down 90 seconds into the game.
  • Within Conquest, a new Comet will spawn 30 seconds after the Scepter vanishes, and it will remain for 90 seconds.
  • As it touches down, the comet throws back any nearby gods and delivers a little amount of damage.
  • Comets only take damage from Basic Attacks and have ten pip counts.
  • A chunk will shoot out of a comet in the direction of whoever hits it each time it sustains damage.

Smite Season 11 New Item:

  • The game no longer features Claw Shard or Carapace Shard.
  • Additionally, foes within a 10-unit radius of the target will be dealt 15% of the damage to Gods and 25% of the damage to Minions and Jungle Camps by all Basic Attacks.
  • When a strong Crowd Control strikes, a pulse is create that lasts for five seconds and gives you and your allies within 55 units five + one protections each level. Only once every 20 seconds may this phenomenon happen.
  • You receive a boost every 100 units traveled, which causes the next opponent you strike with a Basic Attack or ability to take 10 (+15%/10% of your Physical/Magical Power) Physical Damage.

Smite Season 11 Balance:

  • Due to a redesign, all last-hit-kill stacking items now get stacks when foes are damage.
  • By aggressively combating or prodding foes, you may now stack these goods more quickly. Dealing harm to enemy gods doubles the contribution toward stacks.
  • In Assault, these things are unbanned
  • By causing 30,000 damage against gods or minions overall, you can get stacks.
  • From 75 to 50 maximum stacks
  • Each layer yields gains of 0.15% physical lifesteal, 0.2 physical penetration, and 0.4 physical power.
  • Get a total of 10 Physical Penetration, 20 Physical Power, and 7.5% Physical Lifestealage.
  • Gain stacks by inflicting 45,000 damage on gods or minions in total. Maximum stacks were raise to 100 from 75. Reduced Base Mana to 200 from 250. Get each stack six mana. Get 600 Mana in total.


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