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GW2 New Patch Notes January 2024


GW2 New Patch Notes: Guild Wars 2 is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft. The reconstituted Destiny’s Edge, a defunct guild, defeats the main game’s Elder Dragons, huge monsters with Lovecraftian-like traits that have taken possession of Tyria since the first Guild Wars (2005). The main game takes place in Tyria.

GW2 Patch Notes 2023
GW2 Patch Notes 2023

End of Dragons (2022), the most recent expansion, brought this saga to an end. Despite the fact that the game’s plot takes place in a persistent environment, instanced settings are employed to convey it.

Five races and nine professions are available to choose from when establishing a character in Guild Wars 2. Humans, Charr, Asura, Norn, and the Sylvari, a unique species from Guild Wars 2, make up the five races.

The armour classes include “scholars” with light armour, “adventurers” with medium armour, and “soldiers” with heavy armour, representing five of the professions from Guild Wars. There is no distinct healing class because the game’s creators thought it would be too limiting to require that every team have a healer.

GW2 Patch Notes 2023

The dragon’s cycle has ended. A brand-new era has begun. While the planet heals and friends and loved ones go about their daily lives, Aurene, the Prismatic Elder Dragon, demands that her champion come to Seitung Province. She has an important development to share with the commander.

A new threat follows the Jade Wind. Play as a bunch of Serpent Clan salvagers searching for survivors in the frigid water. Certain fractal scales have been adjusted to coincide with the release of Silent Surf. Silent Surf has been added to the daily fractal rotation.

A new Silent Surf subcategory has been added to the Fractals of the Mists achievement category. The rewards tab for Silent Surf has been updated in BLING-9009’s inventory.

GW2 General FIX

  • A number of new weapon collections may be unlocked. The source for obtaining the collection unlocks is the Gyala Delve Brotherhood Requisitions Specialists.
  • There was a glitch that prevented the Echovald Wilds Daily Spirit Slayer achievement from moving forward, but it has already been fixed. Will-o-the-wisps, freed spirits, and Canthan spirits (other than spirit retainers) are now included in the goal’s progress.
  • In New Kaineng City, a situation that led to Seitung Province Writs being issued during fishing tournaments has been resolved.
  • The situation where obtaining the Bladesworn’s Ring necessitated achieving a goal that was not included in the collection has been fixed.
  • For the Harbinger of Zhaitan achievement, a flaw that checked the erroneous amount of Risen kills has been corrected.
  • A flaw in DirectX 11 made it impossible for a prop of a spiderweb to appear correctly.
  • The Focused Destruction telegraph was hidden by the Hide Ally Visual Effects option due to a glitch in the Aetherblade Hideout Strike Mission.
  • The Samarog raid encounter’s telegraph’s crucial partnering element was hidden by the Hide Ally Visual Effects setting.
  • There was a problem that periodically caused player chats to play lines for the wrong character’s race or gender.
  • All effects that benefit from attacks made from the flank or from behind now also benefit from attacks made against opponents who are being obstinate, making them more trustworthy in endgame PvE fight.
  • Damage increased from 0.03 to 0.05, while cumulative condition harm increased from 11 to 18.25.
  • Damage done while performing a skill: The base damage has been reduced from 49.5 to 16.34. The scale of condition harm has lowered from 0.0975 to 0.0325.


  • The incorrect boon durations that this characteristic employed in competitive circumstances have been rectified for Bountiful Disillusionment.
  • Spellbreakers no longer experience a complete loss of adrenaline while using Breaching Strike due to a bug.
  • Deadeye: A problem that allowed the effects of the Malicious Intent trait to be active even when the trait was not worn has been fixed.
  • The problem that was causing this function to mitigate damage more than it was supposed to has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented several passive benefits from activating after using skills.
  • This trait’s tendency to take away more boons than intended has been fixed.
  • The flaw that led to this now allows Mist Attunement effects to be applied on the Silent Surf fractal’s entrance.
  • Disabling Best Texture Filtering improves the appearance of grass elements on low and medium shader quality.
  • Flurry: While in use, this talent no longer prevents the spellbreaker from moving.
  • Full Counter: Due to a glitch, this talent no longer offers speed.
    one of the audience members
  • A bug that allowed this attribute to always give Steal Time even when Fire for Effect was turned off has been resolved.
  • The stolen skill bonus damage in PvP and WvW has been reduced from 300% to 10%.
  • Due to a bug, Resounding Timbre no longer reduced command skill cooldown times.
  • Stretched Time: The bug that made it difficult for wells to cease alacrity grants while wearing this trait has been fixed.

 About for Patch Note Guild Wars 2

Would you like additional information about the “player feedback” employed? The change notes and preview are nearly identical if I missed anything. If you delay recharging all three charges, Scourge can now possess all three colours for an astounding six seconds. because there is only one outcome from spamming throughout the cooldown.

Since both of our minor qualities help you keep your sunglasses on, so maximum potential for 6 seconds, then barely a third, I really don’t see why we have them at this time. If the developers don’t care what the community thinks, what use is a preview patch? Using CA talents to quickly produce druids is not recommended.

With this approach, I don’t see how you could ever get 100% alac uptime, and even if you could, it would only change the issue from having to spam spirits on cooldown to having to repeat CA skills.

Prot and might uptime were severely harmed by this patch, which had me spend some time camped out in California. Druid changes are a disaster. Undocumented change: Slam’s cooldown is no longer removed by Turtle Pilot Booster. I get why it wasn’t intended to remove the cooldown, but couldn’t they have made it a feature such that the cooldown could be further decreased at various levels of the module?

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