How to Solve Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle?

In this Article you will know how you can solve the Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Stick with us to know the full Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle.

Hello my Prince of Persia fans, Ways of the world drifters. As you cross the enchanted Tower of Silence in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, murmurs of an enigmatic gong puzzle coax you more profound into its baffling limits.

 How to Solve Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle?

However, worry not, for this guide is your handy dandy scimitar, ready to help you in disentangling the secret and uncovering the mysteries hidden inside the old tower.

What’s on the Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle?

Settled inside the Tower’s repeating corridors lie three antiquated gongs, throbbing with neglected power.

To energize them from their sleep, you should follow a disguised tune, directing your handy dandy scimitar to strike each gong in an exact request. Be that as it may, be vigilant, for the way is loaded with slippery snares and hazardous conviction based moves.

Tracking down the Melody, the journey starts not with conflicting cymbals but rather with sharp perception. Investigate the Tower’s walls, translate obscure images scratched upon weathered stones, and adjust your ears to the murmurs of the breeze conveying pieces of information on its breath.

Wherever, each hint uncovers a part of the gong grouping, a note in the orchestra of mysteries.

How to Solve the Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown?

With each sign interpreted, the song comes to fruition, starting a definitive test. Your deftness and swordsmanship will be tested as you explore disintegrating stages, avoid lethal sharp edges, and execute gravity-resisting jumps to arrive at the gongs. Each hit should be executed with accuracy, as a solitary wrong note might release the fury of the Tower.

 How to Solve Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle?

What are the Rewards in Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle?

Would it be a good idea for you to overcome the tune and stir the torpid gongs, a fountain of untold wealth is standing by. The Tower’s insider facts will spread out, uncovering intense redesigns, covered sections, and maybe even a brief look into the Prince’s darkened past. 

The prize stretches out past unmistakable fortune. Incorporating the fulfillment of disentangling a secret and insisting on your dominance as the genuine Prince of Persia.

Some Extra Information related to Tower of Silence Three Gongs Puzzle Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Watch for moving shadows and covered switches, as they might hold the way to getting to slippery gongs.

Try not to avoid remembering your means; some of the time, the arrangement lies where least anticipated.

Pay attention to your gut feelings. The Prince’s instinct has directed him through endless preliminaries, and yours can direct you to win inside the Tower of Quiet.


Persistence, constancy, and a sharp eye for detail are your partners in vanquishing the Tower of Silence. Embrace the test. Notice the murmurs of the old gongs, and let your scimitar dance to the cadence of the failed to remember tune. The insider facts anticipate, and the tradition of the Prince lays on your shoulders.

Level up your abilities, trust your edge. Let the legend of the Prince of Persia resound through the Tower’s corridors.

May your process be loaded up with elating trapeze artistry. Clever puzzles and the wonderful fulfillment of opening failed to remember mysteries. Go forward, champions, and guarantee your legitimate spot in the midst of the Ways of the world.

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