How to Fix EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue? January 2024

In this Article we will tell you how you can solve the EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue. So, read this to improve your FPS Game. This is a manual for Conquering the  EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue? January 2024

How to Fix EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue?

Hello fans, individual FIFA devotees. The beauty of an impeccably executed tackle, the heartbreak of a missed punishment, and the joy of a last-minute objective. These feelings characterize our common enthusiasm for the beautiful game. 

However, when the game staggers at a frustrating 30 FPS, transforming those feelings into irritation, fear not. This guide is your seasoned mentor, ready to confer strategies to break liberated from the EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS revile and open the smooth, plush interactivity you merit.

What’s the Reason Behind EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue?

Before we go into the specialist field, let’s set the groundwork:

Framework Specifications Check: Ascertain that your equipment fulfills the minimum requirements for EA FC 24. Similarly to how a top-level athlete need a well-maintained physique, a strong foundation is essential for optimal performance.

Programming Changes: Keep your design card and framework drivers up to date. A first-rate execution cannot be controlled by an old motor.

Processes of Foundation: Close any unnecessary programs that are running in the background. These asset vampires can steal the critical frame rate essential for continuous engagement.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue? January 2024

EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue! Full Details

At the moment, we should concentrate on and become experts in the following in-game settings and changes:

Reduce graphics parameters, notably shadows and hostile to associating, to increase FPS. Occasionally, visual ease leads to smoother engagement.

Goal Modifications: Consider playing at a lesser resolution, such as 1080p rather than 1440p or 4K. This can reduce handling power while increasing FPS.

VSync Deactivation: If VSync is enabled, it will be disabled. While it prevents screen tearing, it might suddenly cover your FPS at 30, resulting in the dreaded lock.

Windowed Mode: Experiment with switching from fullscreen to windowed mode. While sacrificing some submersion, it may contribute to more refined execution.

High level Strategies to Solve EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue

For those capable at the specialized side, here are a few high level choices:

NVIDIA Control Panel: Assuming utilizing a NVIDIA designs card, improve game settings in the NVIDIA Control Board for upgraded execution.

Overclocking (Caution!): Progressed clients can take a stab at overclocking their computer processor or GPU warily for a presentation support, yet practice intense consideration to stay away from insecurity.

Reward Tips:

Remain Updated: Routinely update your game to profit from the latest exhibition enhancements presented by designers.

Local area Wisdom: Investigate online gatherings for tips and arrangements shared by individual players. A secret setting or workaround may be the way in to your smoother ongoing interaction.

Report Issues: When in doubt, consider announcing the issue to EA Backing with itemized information for designated help.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS Issue? January 2024


Thus, trim up your boots, change your strategies, and plan to overcome the EA FC 24 Stuck at 30 FPS issue. With determination and these tips, you can unleash the maximum capacity of EA FC 24, encountering the beautiful game in the entirety of its smooth brilliance.

May your ongoing interaction be seamless, your objectives relentless, and your excursion to the highest point of the leaderboard a successful one. Go forward, champions, and guarantee your legitimate spot in the realm of FIFA.

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