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Reverse 1999 1.4 Banner! Know Everything Latest 2024


In this Article you will know the Reverse 1999 1.4 Banner and it’s features so, let us dive into this fantastic game. Salutations, fellow temporal explorers and adventurers. Prepare for an intriguing journey through the hallways of time as Reverse 1999 receives the long-awaited 1.4 release. 

 Reverse 1999 1.2 Banner! Know Everything Latest 2023

This game-changing update introduces a slew of new and exciting features, such as a brand-new banner showcasing fearsome characters, breakthrough gameplay mechanics, and intense challenges.

New Heroes Introduction of Reverse 1999 1.4 Banner

The Reverse 1999 1.4 banner introduces two outstanding newcomers to the Reverse: 1999 roster:

1.Molina Dearest: Prepare to be dazzled by Molina Sweetheart, a powerful healer with the astonishing ability to restore fallen teammates, tilting the fight balances in her favor.

2.Balloon Party: Witness the amusing activities of Balloon Party, a naughty character that controls the battlefield with an arsenal of balloons, using them as defensive shields as well as attacking projectiles.

Explore Innovative Gameplay Mechanics in Reverse 1999 1.4 Banner

The Reverse 1999 1.4 update adds innovative gameplay concepts that will transform your time-bending adventures:

1.Time Fragments: Set out on quests to find Time Fragments, priceless artifacts filled with the ability to boost your characters’ powers and outfit them with formidable gear.

2.Time Rifts: Prepare to enter uncharted areas within Time Rifts, doorways to other timelines overflowing with unique challenges and plentiful rewards.

3.Complete the New Trials: The 1.4 update presents plenty of new undertakings intended to scrutinize your essential reasoning and collaboration capacities.

4.Tower of Time: Climb the Pinnacle of Time, a misleading 100-story tower safeguarded by extreme enemies and finishing in a legendary fight with a monstrous beast.

5.Global Boss: Team up with people who jump through time from around the world to fight a world-compromising chief, a test that requires unfaltering collaboration and key brightness.

 Reverse 1999 1.2 Banner! Know Everything Latest 2023

What are the Changes in Reverse 1999 1.4 Banner

Beside the expansion of new characters, mechanics, and preliminaries, the 1.4 rendition incorporates various changes and enhancements:

1.Bug Banishment: The update fastidiously addresses a large number of bugs distinguished in the past variant, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasant gaming experience.

2.Performance Prowess: Appreciate smoother ongoing interaction and quicker stacking times thanks to the execution of advanced execution upgrades.

3.Quality-of-Life Improvements: A huge number of personal satisfaction improvements have been integrated to work on your gaming experience and lift generally speaking fulfillment.


1.Is Reverse: 1999 F2P compatible?

Reverse date: 1999 TapTap. – Keriminh’s Posts. I’ve quite recently played for a couple of hours, yet all the same it’s an incredible game. It’s an excellent gacha game with a sensible F2P cost, so I don’t have the foggiest idea why you shouldn’t try it out.

2.In backward 1999, what are arcanists?

Imagine a world similar to ours, but on the other side, there are Arcanists: people capable of wielding magic, supernatural beings ranging from mythical figures to objects that developed a conscience of their own, bodiless minds, fantastical creatures, and urban legends.

3.Is there pity in Reverse: 1999?

This banner remains in the game indefinitely, however unlike many other games, it uses the same sort of summoning coin as the limited banners. This makes pulling on the Standard Banner a poor idea. The pity is shared by other restricted banners, but the Standard Banner has its own.

4.In Reverse: 1999, who is the major antagonist?

He experienced wretchedness, trembling, and sorrow among the many forget-me-not flower fields of yesterdays. Forget Me Not is a Reverse: 1999 NPC and antagonist. He is a member of the terrorist organization Manus Vindictae, which is known for its immoral tactics and killings.

5.Is it worthwhile to play Reverse 1999?

Thus, now that I’ve gotten my hands on Reverse: 1999. I’ve at long last found the responses I was searching for. In view of a couple of imperfections. The game doesn’t feel like it merited the stand by neglecting to blow away what a present day gacha gives.

Reverse 1999 1.2 Banner! Know Everything Latest 2023


The 1.4 update demonstrates Bluepoch’s persistent dedication to provide Reverse: 1999 fans with an immersive and fascinating gaming experience. The 1.4 update aims to capture both seasoned veterans and newbies. Same alike with its intriguing characters, creative gameplay, and exhilarating challenges.

Whether you are a seasoned chrononaut or a first-time traveler. The Reverse 1999 1.4 banner invites you to go on an exciting adventure across the ages. Prepare to use your strategic prowess, lead your friends, and face the dangers that lurk in history’s ever-changing tapestry.

Accept the Reverse 1999 1.4 banner and discover the limitless possibilities woven inside Reverse: 1999’s temporal fabric.

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