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Mobile Legends MLBB KOF Event Phase 2, Rewards and More


Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2: The first round of the Mobile Legends King of Fighters was a great success! With over 50 million downloads, the mobile legend (KOF) tournament was featured on news all over the country! The Mobile Legends KOF tournament, sponsored by Ourpalm, had a 3-month season, making it one of the largest mobile game tournaments in history! This blog will be a guide on what to expect in the next round of the Mobile Legends KOF event.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2:
Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2:

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2:

It’s noteworthy that only skins from the Legend tier suffered similar changes. Due to this, we shall see the Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 release date in this post, along with other information.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2’s release date Is:

The Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 will begin on February 4, 2024, according to the information we receive from Twitter or Discord.

In Mobile Legends’ KOF Event Phase 2, we receive 17 tickets. Due to the Mobile Legends KOF tournament phase 2’s lack of official confirmation.

More About Event Phase 2

The partnership between Mobile Legends and King of Fighters is one of the fascinating skin combinations that commonly arise in Mobile Legends. The term “KOF” refers to King of Fighters, who worked with Moonton to organize this event.

A KOF Bingo Token prize from a task in this competition may be used to join a draw at the KOF Event.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2:
Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2:
  • 1 Ticket is awarded when logging into the game.
  • 1 Top Up Equals 2 Tickets.
  • 100 Diamonds in the Top Up = 3 Tickets.
  • 250 Diamonds in the Top Up = 5 Tickets.
  • 100 Diamonds are equal to 3 Tickets.
  • 3 Tickets are equal to 250 Diamonds.

On their official social media accounts, Mobile Legends revealed some details about the recently published King Of Fighters (KOF) Outfit Collaboration event. King of Fighters skins are some of the flashiest and also most adored skins in the game, and they initially appeared in 2019 for the first time. Its distinctive skill impacts as well as its high cost are the causes of this. It has been officially announced that this year’s Mobile Legends x KOF Bingo Event will take place once more.

The draw procedure for this tournament will be the same as in prior years. It is possible to obtain both limited-time Epic skins and KOF skins with this event. However, this time around, all of the KOF skins are back, and gamers who have enough diamonds may obtain all of these premium skins.

Free Epic Skins from the Mobile Legends x KOF event:

An event is a draw event, as participants can see in the game. Here, gamers must spend diamonds to draw a skin either once or ten times. A prize is guarante with every draw, and a 10x draw will provide at least 1 new Epic skin. Bingo points are give to the participants after every ten drawings.

As of right now, sources have been verified. That gamer will be able to receive up to 18 spins during an event this weekend. Like in past years, players can spin 10 times or more with pre-orders. And certain chores to receive a Legendary or Epic skin. For example, checking in will grant one ticket. Recharging with diamonds will grant two, recharging with 100 diamonds will grant three, and recharging with 250 diamonds would grant five tickets.

Furthermore, investing 100 Diamonds will yield 3 Tickets, while investing 225 Diamonds would provide an additional 3 Tickets. A total of 18 spins are accessible for 225 Diamonds if users additionally preordered the KOF Chest. Additionally, it is advis to spin two times at 1x. With the condition that the 1x spins are play once daily to take advantage of the 50% off discount incentive. You will receive a total of 20x spins. Which will ensure 2 Epic skins for the low price of 449 Diamonds.

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