New World Rawhide Farm 2023

New World Rawhide Farm 2023: The most recent update to Amazon Game Studios’ massively multiplayer online (MMO), New World, added a completely new location to the game.

Amazon’s New Environment immerses players in a vast online world where they must level up, acquire new weapons, and make stuff like weapons, armour, and even numerous potions. This is similar to other MMOs available, such as Blizzard’s well-known World of Warcraft.

Similar to how you have to farm for cash in Overwatch 2, New World has a tonne of stuff you’ll need to gather, like most other games. However, in New World, you manufacture new gear and other stuff instead of buying them from an in-game store using the materials you harvest.

Rawhide is one of the most fundamental items you’ll need to start farming. This basic material is used to improve equipment, make new equipment, and even to make better materials. As a result, possessing a good collection of it will greatly aid your crafting endeavours.

The New World beginning zones are some of the finest places to find Rawhide. Tier 2 animals abound in these areas, and they all drop Rawhide in large quantities. Additionally, since you’ll be farming in the starter zones, you’ll be able to kill these creatures more quickly, which will allow you to farm them more quickly than the other, larger prey.

In the New World, a wide variety of animals, including boars, wildcats, wolves, elk, deer, bears, bison, and more, drop rawhide. Boars, wolves, and wildcats are among the easiest animals to farm because they won’t flee if you assault them. Larger animals will all make an effort to escape from you, including deer, elk, and bison.

How to Farm Rawhide?

First things first: in the New World, you must always have the proper gathering tool equipped in order to gather materials. The skinning knife is necessary to skin animals. The basic flint variant can be made with just a flint and a piece of green wood, like with all other gathering tools. Any campfire or community is suitable for doing this.

Although you can upgrade to skinning knives made of iron, steel, and other materials, gathering rawhide doesn’t require them nearly as much as it does for other resources. A flint skinning knife will do for now, but feel free to upgrade once you have some iron.

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New World Rawhide Farm 2022

What can you craft with rawhide?

The rawhide is now in reach, and you have your skinning knife. But what exactly do you do with it? Rawhide is used to make a variety of simple weapons and armour. It is used to create crude iron tools like robust crude iron armour and cleaving crude iron armaments, as well as the wooden longsword.

However, the production of coarse leather is the most significant use of rawhide. In the New World, you will use course leather frequently, which is where rawhide really excels.

Farming Rawhide:

The main aspect is about how to obtain rawhide as quickly and easily as feasible. You can collect rawhide from any animal in the overworld. Including (but not restricted to) rabbits, grizzly bears, timber wolves, and lynxes, by skinning deceased creatures with a skinning knife.

Locating Rawhide:

You will unavoidably come under attack by a good number of wild animals when exploring and doing objectives in the overworld. Which will make it very simple for you to obtain a sizable quantity of rawhide. As woods contain the biggest quantity of animals to hunt, they are the best places to actively farm rawhide.

The majority of rawhide per kill will typically come from bears. But they can be challenging to hunt and are more difficult to find than other animals. The wolf is the best animal to maximise your rawhide over time. They are a common sight in beginning areas and one of the simpler animals to kill.

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New World Rawhide Farm 2023

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